Consider Growing Heirloom Grains in Your Survival Garden

A few of the companies featured here at DestinySurvival offer buckets of grain for sale as long term storage food. But have you considered growing your own heirloom grains in your survival garden?

A reader’s inquiry prompted me to bring this up. He asks, . “Does anyone know about emmer wheat? Could it have survival value? Where can you obtain seeds?”

A company I’m not affiliated with, called the Sustainable Seed Company, offers emmer wheat as well as other heritage and heirloom grains. They sell in small quantities to gardeners. By the way, they offer another wheat with the unusual name of Wit Wokoring.

Emmer wheat was one of the earliest wheats grown in the Near East and was widely grown in the ancient world. It’s able to produce well in poor soils and has a high disease resistance. A hulled wheat known as faro, emmer is experiencing a resurgence among gourmets and health conscious people. That’s because it’s nutritious and flavorful. Emmer combined with legumes makes for complete protein for vegetarians.

Wit Wokoring, originally from South Africa, is a tall wheat that’s good for organic growing. It can outgrow many weeds and is said to be easy to harvest. Reportedly it makes a good bread flour.

I can only plant the seed of an idea here (pun intended), but if you’re ready to make a place for some grain in your survival garden, below are three book suggestions to get you going. Click on any one of their titles to be taken to the page where that book is featured.

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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.