Thoughts on Survival, Success, Confidence and Taking Action

When somebody starts talking about success or how to be successful, I cringe. Since I’ve been involved with marketing in some way or other for a number of years, I’ve been exposed to boat loads of motivational mumbo jumbo, which I consider to be hype, and I loathe its phony baloney.

Why mention this here? Because so much of survival hinges on mindset and attitude. Each of us is going to go through difficulties sooner or later that will shake us to the core. How will we face that?

It’s rare that I come across something about attitude that I think makes sense and is useful. But I want to tell you about an article by Steve Errey I think is worth a look. It’s called “5 Reasons Why Trying to be Successful Will Keep You Poor.”

Steve Errey calls himself The Confidence Guy. If you’re like me, that’s enough to make you instantly suspicious. But his focus is on developing self confidence. Though I’ve only read a couple of his posts, what he says seems reasonable and not phony.

He did a guest post on a blog I subscribe to about marketing and blogging, and it prompts me to ask some important questions.

For example, how do you define success? Is it your own definition, or is it shaped by others? That is, are you trying to be a people pleaser and meet the expectations of someone else?

To put this in the context of survival, prepping has become trendy. Are you doing it because you truly believe you need to? Ore are you avoiding the whole idea of preparing for survival because friends and family think it’s extremism? Are you just following the pack?

Are you a worrier? If so, you’re in good company. There are plenty of things going on today to make us anxious. I came across a definition of anxiety that says anxiety is mentally practicing failure.

What’s the remedy? Take action. Doing so builds confidence and helps you to take confident actions. If you’ve been pondering whether to buy storage food and extra batteries, do it. If you know you need to work on strengthening family relationships, do it.

When I was indecisive, my dad used to tell me, “Do something even if it’s wrong.” Some years later a country song put its own spin on that. But the saying is true. Paralysis gets you nowhere. It’s the surest road to failure—and perhaps ultimately death.

People who are successful know failure is part of life. It’s like when you garden. Maybe the green beans didn’t do so well, but you had a heck of a potato crop. Lord willing, there’s next year. If not, you have what you have, and you’ll have to make do and be content.

Our attitudes about success may change over time as well. And it depends on what situation you’re in. Today being a success might mean bringing home a paycheck of any size. This winter success might be staying warm one more day.

Taking action may require courage. I’ve seen courage defined as mastery of fear. Another says courage is fear faced with resolution. I’m reminded of Scriptural exhortations to be strong and of good courage.

Whatever you’re facing today, or whatever may come tomorrow, take confident action. Think survival.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Survival, Success, Confidence and Taking Action”

  1. Sorry to have made you suspicious John ;O

    As a stiff upper lip Brit, “The Confidence Guy” felt a little odd at first to me too. Like a new pair of shoes (or underwear) it soon fits just right.

    Really happy that the article stuck out for you.

    1. Great to hear from you, Steve. I appreciate how the name fits. When I brought your article to the attention of some friends who don’t view my blog, they were also impressed with the thoughts on success. It’s good stuff which I think is within most people’s grasp.

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