Your Family’s Survival Could Depend on Water Storage Barrels

Do you ever get the feeling we’re living out a science fiction dystopia? The planet’s coming apart, or it’s at least in serious decline. Massive earthquakes…volcanoes…oil spills…What’s next?

This past weekend a giant water main in the Boston area broke, affecting 750,000 households in 38 communities. The governor of Massachusetts declared a state of emergency. A boil order for two million people has been lifted, thankfully, but this is obviously a serious problem for such an urbanized area.

When I first heard this story, I thought this might be a failure of old infrastructure. But one news account I saw said the water pipe was only seven years old, and authorities didn’t know why it failed.

Water pipes have burst before, so this obviously isn’t something new. And no doubt more will break in the future, whether it’s from crumbling infrastructure, shoddy modern workmanship, or a natural disaster like an earthquake. The floods in Tennessee have disrupted Nashville’s regular water supply for other reasons. They have too much water, but it’s not fit to use.

How well are you prepared if your water supply is cut off? Do you have water stored up? I’m not just talking about a few soda pop bottles or milk jugs full of water. When there’s no water from the usual sources, you’ll need at least a gallon or two perperson each day. Do you have a barrel or two of water set by?

Nitro-Pak has a solution for those who are serious about storing water for the whole family and are able to make the necessary investment. It’s the Family Water Storage Package which includes: four blue 55 gallon barrels approved by the FDA for water storage, a siphon/manual hand pump, an aluminum bung wrench for opening and sealing barrel caps, and two bottles of Oxystabile/Aerobic 07 five year water stabilizer.

Once you have these barrels on hand, fill them with clean water, add the water stabilizer, and seal the caps with the bung wrench. When full, each barrel weighs over 450 pounds, so be sure you put them where they can be supported, such as the concrete floor in your basement.

This package comes complete with everything you need to provide water up to four weeks for your family. Or it can supply water for three days for 36 people. That’s good to know if your school, church or other organization is making emergency preparedness plans.

Having said all that, Nitro-Pak also carries a smaller Family Water Storage Package. It uses 30 gallon barrels instead of the larger 55 gallon size and should supply a family of four for two weeks.

If you want just one or two water storage barrels, click on the Nitro-Pak banner below, then type key words water storage in their home page search box, and you’ll see a page showing the items they offer. Click on any one of them for more info and to order.

By the way, Nitro-Pak acknowledges the higher than normal shipping cost and the cost of plastic required to make these 55 gallon barrels. I appreciate doing business with a company who’s up front about such things so you know what to expect.

To buy the Family Water Storage Package from Nitro-Pak, click on their banner below. On their home page type the number 2311 in the search box, and you’ll see a picture, which you can click on for a complete description. Then place your order.

Don’t let yourself get caught without water when water’s in short supply or not there at all. None of us can survive long without it.


Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

6 thoughts on “Your Family’s Survival Could Depend on Water Storage Barrels”

  1. We just purchased a couple of months ago and setup five (5) 60-gallon rain barrels (not designed for consumption) for use in the garden. In a REAL pinch, we could filter (media/Katadyn), bleach, iodine, and/or boil if needed . . .

  2. Interesting. Thanks for passing that along.I’m surprised the water isn’t fit to use in the garden. Any idea why?

  3. I am probably “mis-informed” (reading stuff all-over the Internet and then getting all jumbled up in my head). The barrels we got were (per the info on the web) are food-grade and were previously for pickles or olives. I know ours started “growing” mustard algae (rotten egg smell to the water) when the temps warmed up here the last couple of weeks.

    I did click over and read the post on Berkey filters – probably better/faster to use that rather than the small Katadyn filter.

    1. I believe I replied to your comment earlier, but while getting rid of a ton of spam, I think I accidentally deleted my reply.
      If I remember, I suggested in said reply that it might be a good idea to fill the barrels with bleach water and let them sit and soak a few days. Maybe that will lhelp. If anybody has a better idea, let’s hear it.
      The Berkey filters will filter several gallons a day, so they’ll be better than a smaller filter.

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