Survival & Your Family–Will You Be Forced to Home School?

The question in the title must seem strange with the current push for centralizing and unifying what public schools teach all over the country. Allow me to explain.

Last week (as I write this) it made big news when Kansas City, Missouri, announced it was closing 29 of its 61 public schools. Hundreds will lose jobs as a result. Many families feel deserted and betrayed. In light of all that’s happening in the economy now, this appears to be a cruel, drastic move.

But there’s more to the story as brought out in an article from “USA Today.” It’s not just about the economy. School enrollment has gone down from over 75,000 over 40 years ago to about 17,500 today. The K.C. district superintendent says they were spreading their resources too thin and cuts had to be made. They’ve used up money from a desegregation settlement from years ago, and less money is coming in from the government due to fewer students.

Larger school districts around the country are closing one or two schools all the time now. Perhaps it’s the economy. Perhaps it’s because families are dissatisfied with public education and are pulling their kids out of public school and putting them into private schools. I wonder how many have given up on any kind of schools and are home schooling.

If you’re one of those affected by school closure, I encourage you to consider home schooling. In case you don’t think you’re qualified or have what it takes, you’d be surprised at what you can do. Take my word. You don’t need a teaching degree. Besides, who knows and cares about your kids better than you, the parent?

There’s a wide variety of curricula for home schoolers today, and some of it practically teaches itself. How about enrolling your children in an academy program for home schoolers? You’ll get plenty of support from professional staff with such an arrangement. In my family’s last several years of home schooling, we used the services of Midwest Christian Academy, Bloomington, IL.

If money’s an issue, you don’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars for the whole school year. How much have you spent on school-related activities for your children while they’re in public school?

In fact, there are plenty of resources online or at the public library that will allow you to do home schooling for free.

It takes commitment and self discipline to home school. If that’s something you feel you don’t have much of, remember you’re doing this for your children and your family’s survival. Keep the big picture in mind. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding and fulfilling home schooling is.

Home schooling has been done in all kinds of settings, including on houseboats or while traveling around the world. You know your situation best, so make whatever adaptations you need to teach your children at home, regardless of where home is.

If you’re serious, check out your state’s laws and get connected with other home schoolers by contacting the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

When faced with a tough situation such as schools closing, give home schooling a chance. With so much support available, you’ll never be alone in your efforts.

Remember, survival calls for being adaptable. Take a negative and turn it into a positive.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.