Thoughts on Peak Oil and Prepping

            In the past few years we’ve begun to hear about peak oil. It’s thought that we’ll use up the earth’s supply of oil, so we’d better put the brakes on our industrialized consumer driven way of life. Ride your bike to work. Drive a hybrid car, etc.


            On the other hand, some say peak oil is a myth. They say oil can either reproduce and replenish itself, or there are vast pools in the inner earth waiting to bubble up into already depleted oil fields. Do a Google search for abiotic oil, and you’ll see info on the controversy.


            What if peak oil isn’t real? Then a question comes to mind. If oil is replenished somehow, are we using it faster than it can be renewed? Does anybody really know? I doubt it.


            What I do think is that oil is a great tool of control. Just ask the Saudis. Or ask Halliburton whether oil played a role in why we went into Iraq or Afghanistan. How much oil is under the sea near Haiti, and what does that mean? Think you’ll get straight answers? Of course not.


            So what does this have to do with prepping for survival? It comes down to this. The leaders of our country and around the world aren’t likely to give us the straight scoop on the real situation with oil, if they even know themselves. But there will be plenty of hype, you can be sure. We’ll keep hearing plenty about global warming, climate change, overpopulation, etc.


Leaders won’t tell us what’s really going on, whatever they may know, because they don’t want to upset the fruit basket, so to speak. Remember the car company after 9-11 who said to keep America rolling? That’s the same idea here. Keep doing your normal thing. No need to prepare beyond a 72 hour kit. Nothing’s wrong that can’t be fixed, etc., etc.


If you believe that, how did you get to this blog in the first place?


            Since you’re here, I assume you’re at least aware of the need to be prepared for disasters calamity, or simply the need to be prudent in tough times.


            There will come a time when we will either run too low on oil to sustain life as we know it, or access to oil will be withheld, causing deprivation and drastic change. Perhaps we’ll have a giant electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or nuclear war that will set us back. If you look into the prophetic book of Revelation in the Scriptures, you see battles fought using horses. That’s not the mark of a petroleum based industrial world.


            If you’re preparing for survival, keep doing it. Don’t be misled by whatever the hype of the day is about oil. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m certain life will not always go on as we now know it. Be ready to protect yourself and your family. Think survival!



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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