Get the Survival Guide That Boosts Your Personal Security

This week’s DestinySurvival Pick is a book called Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan: The Complete Guide to Personal Security, by Neal Rawls with Sue Kovach. It’s a reference guide you’ll want in your survival library.

Neal Rawls is a former police officer and has been the security chief of an international corporation. He draws considerably from his background in police and security work as he covers a number of topics from things we face in our everyday lives to certain evils we hope we never have to face.

Coauthor Sue Kovach is a freelance journalist, author, and photographer.

Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan is not only the book’s title, but the motto Rawls recommends for personal security and action.

The book is well organized to enable you to easily find material on given topics. Numerous stories, questions and answers, and checklists are peppered throughout this book.

You’ll be surprised by all the things you hadn’t thought of as potential dangers. Though much of his emphasis pertains to urban lifestyles, he does focus some on rural settings. Rawls wants his readers to develop the habits and instincts for recognizing and preventing dangers, whether you’re at home, traveling to work or abroad, dealing with a stalker, or are in the path of a hurricane, to name a few.

This book touches on questions such as:

* How secure is my workplace?
* How do I stay safe while out in public?
* Can I travel safely?
* Can anything be done to protect myself in a chemical or biological attack?

Other topics include:

* Teaching your children to look out for themselves
* Hiring a babysitter
* How to avoid being followed
* How to prevent muggings
* How to protect your home from burglary
* Stopping credit card fraud
* Dealing with telemarketers
* Countering road rage safely
* Avoiding car theft and carjackings
* Reacting wisely to terrorist attacks, chemical spills and natural disasters
* And much more…

Rawls follows police and government thinking regarding many issues. When discussing chemical spills and attacks, he states he doesn’t own or use a gas mask, but leaves it up to readers to decide for themselves whether to do so.

I was disappointed in his treatment of guns for self defense because he cites several negatives first in his effort to encourage personal safety.

Overall, this book deserves its high rating by reviewers because it is thorough, thought provoking, and provides tips you and your family can really use.

Get Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan by clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post.

Do it today. Be prepared and in control for your personal security and survival.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.