Uncle Sam Says, “Resolve to Be Ready”

            Did you know FEMA issued a holiday message?  It’s not exactly a Christmas card, but can you guess what’s on their minds?  Preparedness and survival, of course, and they’re telling you and me to be ready.  They’re not saying anything we don’t already know to be doing, but you and I know not everyone will take their advice.


            You’ve heard the government’s recommendations for having three days worth of survival supplies on hand. Why do they want you and me to have a 72-hour kit?  Because, if you’re expecting the government to help out in the event of a disaster, it may take federal authorities three days to get to you.


With that in mind, consider this tidbit from FEMA’s holiday message.  FEMA administrator Fugate is quoted as saying, “The public is the most critical member of our national emergency response team, and the more they do now to be prepared, the better our response.”


            On one hand it might make you feel good to be considered a critical part of FEMA’s response team.  That’s what Fugate intends.  On the other hand, he’s telling you the better prepared you are, the less they have to do.  So they’re encouraging each of us to make it a New Year’s resolution to prepare.


            FEMA’s ongoing Ready Campaign has three simple steps:


1) Get an emergency supply kit.


2) Make a family emergency plan.


3) Be informed about the types of emergencies and appropriate responses.


            FEMA recommends having survival kits for both your home and your car.  Several companies featured here on DestinySurvival.com have kits, supplies and kit accessories for you.  I’ve mentioned them before and will mention them again, but I’ll spare you today.  Of course, you’re welcome to browse to your heart’s content.


FEMA also has plenty of preparedness info at www.ready.gov.


            Enjoy the holidays and be safe, but keep thinking survival!



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.