Less Tech, Tastes Great!

OK, so the title’s probably a rip off of somebody’s beer slogan, but it struck me as appropriate. one day I had one of those days when a total technology crash sounded mighty appealing. Won’t it be interesting to see how we cope when it becomes reality?

You’ve probably had days like that , too. Technology is wonderful when it works, but a taste of hell when it doesn’t. However, to put things into perspective, this isn’t life threatening stuff.

I wrote a poem on this topic for a writer’s group I belong to. I don’t recall if I’ve shared it here before. It’s rather amateurish perhaps, but one member was glad to see a kindred spirit on display.


If I Were From 1800

If I were from 1800 I’d surely be frightened you know
By so many horseless carriages and how devilishly fast they go!

If I were from 1800 I know I’d be baffled you see
By the boxes with voices and pictures we all know as TV.

If I were from 1800 I think I would be overwhelmed
By radio, lighting and cell phones—from what cause and whose realm?

If I were from 1800 I’d be plainly astonished as well
By the World Wide Web and computers. You’re sure they’re not straight from hell?

If I were from 1800 I’d be circled in whole or in part
By curious magics and wonders whose origins must be Black Art.

If I were from 1800 I’d find me a far quiet nook.
Hand me that thing from the shelf there; thank God for an old fashioned book!

– John Wesley Smith


Speaking of books, if you’d like to probe what our future may hold for us, get When Technology Fails.

Meanwhile, may your day flow without technological glitches.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Less Tech, Tastes Great!”

  1. > And just why do we need antivirus and antispyware programs?

    Because we simply refuse to adopt a computer architecture and operating system that is not prone to malicious attack by malevolent net denizens.

    A Mac doesn’t have these problems. Microsoft and Intel could solve the computer virus pandemic in short order if they wanted, but virus/spyware/malware reduction is not part of “their” business strategy.


    By not switching to a more secure operating system, we have only ourselves to blame when it comes to remaining vulnerable.

  2. Great point. It makes the situation look more sinister. A corporation unwilling to improve things for us all and plenty of people willing to take advantage of the weekness crated, or allowed, as a result.

    Incidentally, it was Microsoft’s Security Essentials antivirus program that gave more trouble than the program it replaced.  That’s what made me switch to yet another antivirus program, which is working fine so far.

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