Barter Books for Survival–And Get One You Didn’t Know You Needed

A reader brought my attention to a post on Riverwalker’s Stealth Survival blog about books as a bartering item. He also suggested a fantastic book for just such a purpose, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

Having books for barter is an excellent idea. If you find a book that’s useful to you, whether it’s a cookbook, instruction manual on homesteading, or a favorite collection of children’s stories, get an extra copy or two, or part with books you no longer need.

One day we won’t have computers, the Internet, radio or TV to occupy our minds and our time, and we’ll be yearning for something to read. We’ll need instruction and edification as well as entertainment.

When I read this reader’s book bartering suggestion, I knew immediately it was one to recommend to you. This is a must have book you may not have realized you needed. When you have your copy, it’s one you’ll use from today onward. Its value outweighs the price. Its size lets you carry it anywhere.

It’s the Pocket Ref, by Thomas J. Glover, a fat, pocket-sized paperback. Perhaps you’ve seen this little book at a hardware store, which is where I picked up mine a few years ago. If not, take the opportunity to get a copy now because it’s a book you won’t want to do without.

The Pocket Ref is an all purpose reference book with tables, formulas, conversions, and useful data on a wide variety of everyday subjects. It covers those math formulas you’ve forgotten since school. Find money conversions, time zones, data on wire gauges, ropes, pipes, metals, tools, and a lot more.

Need to figure things like torque or horse power? Whether you’re an electrician, construction worker, or you putter around in your garage, this book has info you didn’t even know you needed.

If you haven’t seen this book, it’s well over 500 pages with small print. It is truly small enough to fit into your shirt or jacket pocket. It’s the kind of thing you’ll want to have in your survival kits or bugout bags. Since you’ll find it to be such a tremendous reference, you can see what value it would have for someone else.

Get the Pocket Ref by clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post. That takes you to the page where it’s featured, and you can order it from there. Get extras as gifts and, of course, to barter. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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