Survival Gardening–There’s a Simple Way to Add A-Z Minerals to Your Soil

What if you could add 67 major and trace minerals to your soil easily, without harmful chemicals? You can with Azomite.

Azomite is the name of a special rock in Utah. It was discovered by a prospector who found deposits of montmorillonite clay in a valley south of Salt Lake City. He ground it as finely as possible and put it in his garden with amazing results.

Azomite is all natural and organic with nothing added. The minerals are essential for healthy growth in living things. They’re small enough to pass through cell walls of organisms, such as your plants, indoors and outdoors.

Azomite not only helps correct mineral deficiencies, but makes your soil a friendlier place for beneficial microbes, and that’s important for healthy plants. As a result, it helps add nutritional value to your plants in the garden.

It doesn’t take much. You can test it out on houseplants if you like, but I’d also suggest working a little into your soil now and then again in the spring. Put some on your lawn or around trees and shrubs, and let winter’s snow and rain work it into the soil for you.

Another benefit is that azomite is safe and economical. I’ve used it on my plants and will continue to do so because I believe it helps. There’s certainly nothing harmful about it. It’s definitely environmentally friendly and organic. sells a very similar product called Glacial Rock Dust in their Composting section. Do a search for it on their site.

The book Bread from Stones goes into greater detail about the benefits of rock powder. Keep things simple, organic, and healthy for your plants.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.