“Surviving Disaster”–Care to Watch?

            A few days ago I was contacted by a media representative associated with Spike TV.  He browsed DestinySurvival and thought my readers might be interested in knowing about the ten episode series currently running on Tuesday nights, called “Surviving Disaster.”  It started September first.


Since Spike TV can apparently be seen in 98 million homes, what I’m going to do here is pass on some of the information forwarded to me about the show, then give you a few of my own comments and questions.



Spike TV’s Distinctive New Series Simulates Terrifying Disasters To Arm Viewers And Save Lives

Navy SEAL Cade Courtley To Host


Picking up a few last minute items at the mall when violent gunmen storm the store…what to do?  What if, on the daily subway commute, a bio weapon is released?  Or a fire is blazing in the 12th floor office and the only way out is blocked?  Disasters can strike at the most unexpected times, but Spike TV’s new original series “Surviving Disaster,” led by Cade Courtley, vividly takes viewers through catastrophic scenarios and arms them with the knowledge needed to survive the unthinkable.


Navy SEAL Courtley is the ideal host for this timely series, having faced imminent danger for a living, conducting clandestine missions from the sea, air and land that include counter-terrorism operations, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare.


Each week, Navy SEAL Courtley tackles worst-case scenarios and equips viewers with the practical information needed to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.  Whether the threat is natural or man-made or on a national or personal level, Courtley speaks directly to the viewers and guides them through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to not only survive the big picture disaster, but endure the many dangerous obstacles that may occur within each catastrophic event.


While leading viewers out of danger, Courtley not only provides helpful tips and hands-on instruction, but swiftly points out common misconceptions and fatal mistakes.  Unlike any other series, “Surviving Disaster” may actually save lives by providing actions that anyone can perform.


Other disaster-themed episodes this season include: Nuclear Attack, Home Invasion, Fire, Avalanche, Lost at Sea, Hurricane, Bio-Chemical Attack, Mall Shooting and Earthquake.


            There’s more about the host’s credentials I won’t include here, but you get the idea.  If you’re interested, the show is aired on Tuesdays from 10:00-11:00pm ET and PT.  There’s a “Surviving Disaster” show page at http://www.spike.com/show/33200 .  The episodes are available online for a week after they air and will later be on DVD.


            Some time ago I read a blog post evaluating the survival info in various TV shows.  In a nutshell, there’s not much worth watching with any useful information or instruction.  Frankly, I don’t know what it took to put a post like that together, but it obviously involved watching a lot of cable or satellite TV.  It’s not something I’d have the stomach to do.  Forget about so-called reality shows.


I won’t be watching “Surviving Disaster” because I don’t have satellite or cable TV, and the off the air digital TV has so little of interest, I don’t watch much of that either.


            I sampled “Surviving Disaster” online and found it to be too flashy and sensational for my tastes.  I don’t know enough about the show to vouch for its content.  Viewer discretion advised, as they say.  Nonetheless, I thought you should know about it.


            I’m interested in your thoughts.  Will you watch the remaining episodes of “Surviving Disaster”?  If so, how about sharing your thoughts about it.  Do you think the DVD’s would be worth getting when they become available?


My opinion is you’re better off getting instruction from a good book, reliable Internet sites, or trustworthy DVD’s, like those from Ron and Karen Hood, where instruction isn’t glitzy or glamorous.


            What do you think?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.