Prepping Freaks or “Regular People”?

            A few days ago I saw a WorldNetDaily article with the headline, “’Preppers’ get ready for the worst.”  It was subtitled, “Movement to stockpile for emergency at all-time high.”  Reportedly more people are participating in National Preparedness Month, and the numbers of preppers in general is going up in the wake of the economic turnaround, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.  That sounds good, right?


            The article mentions that “regular people” are prepping and that it’s not an extremist community holed up somewhere who’s doing this.  Again, good news, right?


            Well, yes and no.


            I’m glad more “regular people” are getting on board and buying up supplies of storage food, wind-up radios and gas masks.  By the way, DestinySurvival features companies who will gladly sell those things and more any time you’re ready to buy.


On the other hand, don’t you hate the notion that media figures feel they have to put an emphasis on “regular people”?  After all, so-called regular people don’t do stuff like this, right?  Isn’t it only the wild-eyed zealots of one stripe or other who get into the survivalist and prepping thing?


That’s the idea that’s always implied and sometimes stated explicitly, no matter how good the rest of the information in the story might be.  The media, including some of the “good guys,” appear amazed that you and I would act with self interest and self preservation at heart.  We’re seen as freaks for doing what ought to come naturally.  This shouldn’t be news.  Yet obviously they think it is, otherwise they wouldn’t report it.


            I started DestinySurvival in November2007 at a time when low rumblings of this past year’s turmoil were just beginning.  However, I didn’t think it took agenius to spot the troubling signs.  Much later, the government in its infinite wisdom, looked back and decided that December ’07 was about the time the country went into recession.


To tell the truth, I was somewhat of a “Johnny-come-lately” when I started blogging because there were already plenty of sites and blogs out there dealing with emergency survival and prepping.  The numbers today are growing.  “Regular people” are catching on.


It’s been my contention all along that you don’t have to be weird or freaky to plan for emergencies of all kinds and prepare for survival, come what may.  Why Prepare?  Because, in a nutshell, two things have happened.  The threats we face are more pronounced, and we’ve become more aware of them.  Thankfully, many of us are realizing the need to always be prepared.


So what’s the real news here?  It’s the fact that most of us were lulled into complacency by modern society and that we’d lost the knowledge, skills and will to survive.


Do you think that, if “regular people” populated the media, they’d know that?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Prepping Freaks or “Regular People”?”

  1. well lets see if I can word my idea goes…I see the “news” ppl as dogs..they “report” what they r told to report by the company or companies(aka Master) that own GE and other big businesses..u have to look past all the pretty T n’A and realize all these chicks do is “repeat” what they r told ..what they say can reflect what their masters views are..and since most all big biz apparently has a hat in the political arena and has more than a helping hand in getting a person elected (for favors returned at sometime)..they want the news/ideas/opinions about said person to be favorable….u know” Everything is getting better, things r going to be ok”..and hopefully all the people(sheeple)will smile and sigh…but then u have the sheep that dont see things the same way..rut roh..that cant be allowed to happen..we have to do something to correct this..lets humilate them..estrange these non believers..ridicule them so their children suffer at their little girl comes home from school crying from being called names..brand them someway as not being “normal”, not right, possibly a future threat in someway..(I think Hilter used some of these tactics)..I could go on and on but I think I got my idea across…thanks for the post and letting me reply

  2. Yes, anything portrayed as not of the “norm” is ridiculed. But we have differing views of what’s normal. For example, I remember hearing a statistic years ago that something on the order of 96% of those in the media were pro-abortion, in contrast with the rest of the population. They’re often tools to polarize us it seems, too. However, with all that’s happened in recent months, it looks like both the media and the government have lost a great deal of trust from those they allegedly serve. The swine flu hype may be putting that to the test. Keep prepping!


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