Survival With a Glow




           When I was a kid, I loved anything that glowed in the dark.  One of my favorite things was some kind of clay or putty stuff that came in different colors.  It was fun molding things like spaceships or dinosaurs and going into a dark closet to see what they looked like when they glowed.


            There’s a serious side to glow-in-the-dark products for survival. offers several useful items you’ll want to check out.  Is it too corny to say a friend spoke glowingly of the company’s products?  Truthfully, I get nothing for mentioning them, but we’re talking survival here, and I think you’ll want to put something they have to offer in your survival supplies or kits.


As their name suggests, makes ropes that glow in the dark.  For example, . their water rescue rope not only glows in the dark for 8-10 hours, but it floats and doesn’t absorb water.  All ropes meet the requirements of US Military specifications, and they’re made in the U.S.A..  They’ve got good strong ropes to use for sailing, caving, rescue and more.


            When light is low or it’s dark, such as in a cave, it would be advantageous to have a line you could see without a bright light.  If you’re rescued in water you wouldn’t have to worry about the rope sinking before you could get to it.


   offers other products, too, such as  High-Glo Safety Sheeting, Glowing Fabric, and a Glow in the dark 12 inch Tough End Buoy.


            The High-Glo Safety Sheeting can be used for several applications, such as Illuminating stairs and walk ways and safety equipment.  Use it as direction indicators for fire escape routes and exits.  Put it on light switches and key holes.  It peels and sticks to surfaces indoors or out and glows for 12 hours.  Think how useful it would be when the electricity goes out.


Go to their GloRope home page when you click here.  Select Shop.  You’ll see a page with several categories.  When you click on Poly-pro Rescue, the page that appears includes the brief video you see above.


            Their site isn’t complicated and is easy to navigate.  Take a few minutes and see what they have that you could use.  If you call or e-mail them, be sure to mention DestinySurvival.  Also, I’ve got a link to their site on the Links of Interest page in the Survival Gear & Supplies category for your future reference.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.