Survival and Your Health–How Will We Survive What We’re Eating?

More doctors are now saying we should avoid genetically modified food. No one has a good handle on how detrimental it is to our health, and no one is being held accountable. One doctor says to avoid soy products altogether, since soy beans are genetically modified, and the effects go beyond the typical results seen from soy allergies. As you know, soy is in many, many foods.

Livestock reportedly experience illnesses and reproductive problems. Are we experiencing more allergies and other illnesses with causes that are difficult to define as a result of those genetically modified foods? I certainly think so.

Go further in depth with Jeffrey Smith’s book, Genetic Roulette.

This book goes beyond Seeds of Deception, Smith’s first book, and documents nearly 40 health risks from consuming genetically modified foods.

To quote how serious the problem is, “Genes from GM crops transfer to human gut bacteria. This might transform our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories.” This book is put together in an easy to understand style. It also discusses false claims by GMO food advocates and how to avoid GMO foods.

Do you believe this is being allowed to happen as a means of slowly depopulating the earth? Those in power don’t necessarily have benevolent goals in mind for us. A global government would be easier to manage when people are incapacitated and unable to fight, or if there are fewer of us altogether. What do we do to survive in the face of such sinister plans for you and me?

Get either of the two books mentioned above by clicking on its title in this post. That takes you to the page where the book is featured, and you can order from there. Be informed. Eat Healthfully. Stay alive. Think survival.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

4 thoughts on “Survival and Your Health–How Will We Survive What We’re Eating?”

  1. What could possibly go wrong? These modified species are being put out into the environment where they are cross breeding with other plants both domestic and wild. A very bad situation indeed, based on greed.

    It’s going to be just like cage-free eggs and organic foods – do you really know these foods are as the marketer claims? Or are they just selling the same crap at a higher price?

    And, of course, the genetically modified label will be full of loop holes and tricks.

  2. Great points. The government already considers genetically modified plants as equivalent to what’s in nature already, so they don’t care. It’s why GMO foods aren’t labeled for what they are. As for organic, that term has been watered down so much by agribusiness lobbbyists who have their way with the USDA that it is indeed hard to know if we’re getting what we think we’re getting when we buy the so-called “good” stuff. The more of our own food we can grow, the better, and hope and pray it’s not terribly polluted with genetic modifications.


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