Have a Little Luxury for Survival with this Zodi Solar Shower

             Most of us take running hot and cold water for granted.  Heaven forbid if we should have to go without a shower.  What do you do if you’re in a situation on a campout or even at home where there is no hot running water or shower?  Thankfully, there’s a simple solution.  Get a portable solar shower.

Bass Pro Shop offers the Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower™, Model 6185.  Whether hunting, camping, or roughing it after a disaster, enjoy endless hot showers.  The Hot Tap Travel Shower quickly heats available water 25° to 30° per cycle for hot showers anywhere there’s water.  Place the system’s 6-volt pump in a lake or other water source, ignite the propane burner with the convenient push button ignition.  Then enjoy this on-demand self-contained shower system.


Bass Pro Shop says the Zodi Hot Tap system includes a 6-volt water pump, battery case, propane burner, 4-gallon reservoir and water storage container, along with a 4-foot input hose, and 8-foot shower hose with a water-saver shower head.  It uses 4 D batteries, which aren’t included.  The propane cylinder isn’t included either, but that’s available from Bass Pro Shop as well.  Find it by typing MSR Fuel Bottle in their search box.


To order this Zodi solar shower, click on the Bass Pro Shop logo.  Then on their home page, type Zodi shower Model 6185 in the search box.  A page featuring Zodi shower products will come up.  You want to click on the picture of the Model 6185 to go to a page with a description and a place to add it to your cart when ordering.


Get a water purifier for the water you’ll be using, a bottle of propane and some rechargeable D cells for the Zodi’s pump, and you’ll be well equipped for survival at home or in the wild.


            Sure, you can get a basic, inexpensive solar shower, which is not much more than a dark plastic bag you leave out in the sun for a few hours; but why not pay the extra dollars for the Zodi because it has practical uses beyond providing hot water for a shower.  In a survival situation, you’ll be glad for hot water for cooking and dish washing as well as bathing.  Who says you can’t have a little luxury while you’re roughing it?



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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.