Have a Rain Barrel for Water Storage and Survival

Water storage is as important as food storage. You’ll want access to water if your local district can’t provide it due to a long term power outage. If you’ve got a pond nearby and a good Berkey purifier, you can get by. If not, water storage at home can be a problem.

One solution is to store water in those specially designated green containers. We have some of the green 6 gallon water containers which we put into use a few years ago, but a couple sprang a small leak for some reason and damaged the flooring where they had been sitting in our trailer home. So we took those out of service. I think the leaks could be sealed with enough heat to melt the plastic at that point, but we haven’t tried it since then.

If you’ve got a little space outdoors, here’s a suggestion. Get a rain barrel or perhaps a 32 gallon plastic garbage barrel or two for keeping water. A garbage barrel is cheaper and easier to manage than a 55 gallon drum. It’s less conspicuous, too. It can easily be replenished with water from the garden hose. Even if water gets dirty or stale, it will be better than pond water and can be easily filtered or purified.

A rain barrel with a faucet will let you easily get water for your garden. You can keep it topped off during warmer weather. In winter you can keep the water level low because you don’t want to run the risk of freezing and damaging the barrel or faucet parts.

A rain barrel is an additional source of stored water. Store water and save money on your water bills at the same time by collecting rainwater from your downspout and storing it in a rain barrel.

Here’s another advantage of having a rain barrel. Your neighbors will think of you as an avid gardener who practices conservation. They don’t have to know you’re also prepping for survival, unless you tell them. Then they’ll want their own rain barrel.

Tell them to click the ad banner below and type rain barrel in the search box on the page that comes up. They’ll then see a page with a few rain barrels they can choose from.

By the way, you can do the same thing if you don’t yet have a rain barrel of your own.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.