Survival Defense–Another Threat to Gun Ownership




            You may know I don’t get into much that’s political here.  This blog passes on info based on current events, so it’s not specifically about current events.  However, the concern over gun control is an issue that’s so broad sweeping in nature that it deserves attention.


            The other day a friend e-mailed me one of those fear mongering messages from some group about the latest gun control legislation before Congress.  I wrote back and told him it’s not new news, and that Congress has been reluctant to take up gun control to this point.  However, they may not have to if President Obama can convince enough senators to ratify a treaty President Clinton signed in 1997.  The real threat is that a ratified treaty overrides our country’s laws.


This treaty would outlaw illicit international small arms trafficking.  No doubt it will be hyped as a remedy for all those U.S. guns somebody thinks you and me are sending to Mexican drug cartels.


It would also create a gun registry that could be accessed by other countries.  As if it’s not bad enough that our government wants to know what we each own, somebody overseas could find out as well.  It’s a good thing they’ll only be looking for terrorists, right?  But then there’s nothing to hide as long as we keep our noses clean, right?  Do we want to end up with gun control like they have in England or Australia?  What if that’s what happens?


            With such antigun attitudes at the top, is it any wonder people have been stocking up on guns and ammunition?  How about giving some thought to alternative weaponry for self defense and survival?


            A short segment from Lou Dobbs and one of his reporters discusses this treaty in the video here.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.