Get Guidance for Homesteading and Survival from a Classic

While reading through the most recent “Backwoods Home Magazine,” I came across a couple of recommendations saying that interested readers get a copy of The “Have More” Plan, by Ed and Carolyn Robinson. As it happens, this is a short 72 page paperback, published by Storey Publishing, a well known publisher of rural living books. If you’re homesteading or considering getting back to more basic, self reliant living, you’ll want this book.

A description of the book and its authors sums things up nicely.


This 60-year-old back-to-the-land classic shows how to find land, build a homestead, grow vegetables and fruits, raise livestock, build farm structures, and more.

“It has been Ed and Carolyn Robinson’s dream that every family can own a home and a little land. Their classic book, The “Have-More” Plan, was written in the 1940’s. The book has been kept in print unchanged because it is still, after 50 years, a useful reference for the home gardener. Over 500,000 people have now discovered how to do things in ways that work simply and well.

Ed said, ” …poultry, goats, lettuce, and home canning haven’t changed much in the generation since The “Have-More” Plan was first published. Today home gardening seems on the verge of a giant step forward: We can now get more produce on small plots by using plastic cover-ups over raised beds to extend growing seasons. This ushers in a new era for home production.”


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.