I’m Drinking My Tea

            Numerous Tea Party rallies have been held around the country in recent weeks, and more will be held today, in protest of the government’s monstrous economic stimulation budget and bailout of big bankers with our tax money.  Sending tea bags to Congress may appear to send a message, and it may make protesters feel good; but it’s a sham.  Tea Party participants are caught up in symbolism rather than substance.  Those whose attention is sought are likely laughing with scorn and contempt.  Click here for a hint of what they think of you and me.


            Certainly there are many things worthy of protest regarding the economy and our government.  I won’t try  to enumerate them here, but can briefly ssummarize our state of affairs.  At the heart of banking and Wall Street problems lies deceit and greed.  At the heart of our government’s problems lies lust for power and an attitude expressed in what may or may not be an “urban legend” reported widely on so-called alternative Internet sites.  Former President George W. Bush supposedly once referred to the Constitution as nothing more than a “G__ d_____ piece of paper.”  Whether he actually said this is irrelevant.  It epitomizes the attitude of globalist elites who inhabit governments and multinational corporations.  No amount of tea bags will turn the tide.


            Congress doesn’t care about your tea bags.  Your Congressman or Congresswoman may never see any of them anyway.  Save your tea bags for your survival food pantry.  You’ll be glad one day you have a survival food pantry, along with other preparations you’ve been making.  Your effort to cultivate a more self reliant lifestyle and mindset is the greatest statement of independence you can make to those in power, and if you do it discretely, you’ll never draw their attention at all.


            Having said all that, I’ve set aside some tea bags for the occasion today.  Yes, it’s true, but I’m drinking my tea.  Care to join me?


3 thoughts on “I’m Drinking My Tea”

  1. I heard later that the FBI was spying on tea parties around the country. Maybe they’re just doing their job, but I wouldn’t want to be in a place where I could expect to be spied on.


    1. To be honest, I’m not sure I get your point. Are you saying they should stop acting like Obama’s bringing the world down on us? Or are you saying they’re trying to take the edge off things and debunk anybody who says Obama’s bringing things down?

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