A Survival Kit for Your Pocket–One Man’s PSK Evolution


Earlier this month I ran a contest for DestinySurvival Dispatch subscribers and offered a deck of Emergency First Aid cards to the best short piece on a survival/preparedness topic.  My thanks to each one who entered.  Here’s the winning entry.



I have carried and found comfort in the PSK (personal survival kit) I carry every where I go for the last two years. It has been an evolving kit. Sometimes I think about the weather or some other event and decide I need to add to the kit. It becomes enlarged with the added gear and I find it too bulky to fit my BDU pocket and downsize a little. Finding the right mix of stuff to put into is not an easy task. So I made a couple of rules for myself.


 First I decided the kit must fit my pocket comfortably. An Altoids tin fit the bill for this size kit. Then I decided to make some items ride on my key chain and make room in the kit for other items. With the size constraint I was able to focus on the situations I was most likely to encounter and what I needed to have available.


Lastly i watched a video, "Survival Beyond the Ten Essentials," by Gene Ward. This is a great video for some bare bones simple survival advice geared to the general public. After watching this common sense video I put my kit together again and was able to focus on more creative uses of what I had and what was always available in the area. I recommend it to anyone who uses the out doors and is not schooled in survival. I think it is a very good first video for anyone wanting to get more insight into the survival and preparedness mind set.


– Michael



Congratulations to Michael.  We’ve been in contact, and his prize has been sent.  Furthermore, I couldn’t have found the video Michael mentioned without his help.  It’s not widely available.


Gene Ward, who put this 35 minute presentation together, shows such a kit can provide all of the tools necessary to build a quick emergency shelter, start fires, and help rescuers find you in the shortest possible time.



Thanks, Michael, for sharing this nifty idea.



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.