Snagajob Could Help You Survive Tough Times

            Below there’s an ad banner that says “Now Hiring.”  Let me quickly say that DestinySurvival isn’t hiring.  Instead, various employers throughout the country who have associated themselves with Snagajob are hiring, and they could be looking for you.


            Whether you’re in between jobs now or are looking for your first job, Snagajob may have something for you in your area.  Maybe you’re in a similar position to that of the lady who was forced into pushing carts around in a big box store parking lot after having been a highly paid manager.  Let’s face it.  Times are tough, so DestinySurvival offers this connection to Snagajob as a service to our readers.  It’s one little way of turning negatives into positives.


Of course, we can make no guarantees as to whether you’ll find work through Snagajob.  You’re solely responsible for any relationship you develop with them and any prospective employers.  We here think it’s important to help you survive economically, since that can have a bearing on your overall survival.


Snagajob claims to be America’s largest hourly job website, featuring more than 100,000 active job postings in industries including: restaurant, retail, office, homecare, hospitality and more.  They connect businesses needing part-time or full-time hourly employees with the most qualified hourly job seekers like you.  Incidentally, employers can also sign up to find the hourly workers they need.


            On Snagajob you can search for jobs near you by entering your zip code.  Registering on Their service is free and easy.  The more complete your profile, the better your chances of finding a job.  You can conveniently apply for multiple jobs as well as have employers find and contact you.  Job alerts and monthly newsletters will come directly to your e-mail address.  You can bookmark job listings and save searches.


            If you’re looking for work to get by, click now on the “Now Hiring” logo below.  You have our best wishes for success and survival.


Find a job that fits your schedule at Snagajob


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.