Love at Which Sight?

            The other day I caught a couple minutes of a rather unusual discussion on a local afternoon talk show.  The avowed Libertarian host said he had purchased a red laser sight for his wife’s pistol as a Valentine’s Day present.  A caller said he should have gotten a green laser sight, but the host insisted his wife agreed red was the color of love.  The next call came from a firearms instructor whose web site I assume the host had been initially promoting.  Commercials and a news break ended the discussion, but it was fun to hear a man say his gift of love was for his wife’s self defense.


            If you’ve thought about buying a laser sight for yourself or for someone you love, consider the RedHead® Ascent® Laser Sight from Bass Pro Shop.  According to Bass Pro’s site, it shoots a brilliant 650nm red straightline beam, producing a highly visible 10mm red dot at 10 meters.  It offers instant push-button activation with only fingertip pressure needed.  The RedHead® Ascent® Laser Sight is made with lightweight aluminum housing with shock- and water- resistant construction.  It includes 3 LR44 batteries plus Weaver®-style and rimfire rings.


            Your survival could depend on having the right self defense accessories.  To order your RedHead® Ascent® Laser Sight, click on the Bass Pro Shop logo, then type key words RedHead laser sight in the search box for products.  The next page that comes up will have a picture of the sight.  Click on the picture for more info and click the Add to Cart button to place your order.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.