Stay in Survival Mode

            The temptation to sermonize and rant in light of yesterday’s events is great, but I’ll resist.  A word to the wise is sufficient, and the headline above should be adequate in summarizing what follows, especially for many who read this blog with some regularity.


            The crowd in Washington, D. C., cheered loudly as now former President Bush’s helicopter rose to take him away after the inauguration.  A Fox News radio commentator observed that the cheer was not likely from admiration.  Chances are that many on the political right were cheering, too.  It was a telling moment.


            In spite of the incredible media hype about the incoming president, not all Americans are looking forward to his administration.  This is evidenced by the sharp rise in sales of guns and ammunition.  The anticipated change is not seen favorably.


            Judging by appearances, we have crossed a threshold into a new era.  Change is promised, and it will not only happen, but in fact it is inevitable.  We’re already in the midst of dramatic changes which began last September when big name banks began falling like dominoes.  We’re in a different world now than we were in a mere few months ago.


            Nonetheless, a quick scan across the radio dial shows the same music is being played.  The same talk show hosts are still on the air.  The same banal shows are on TV.  The stock market went down over 300 points on Inauguration Day, just as it has many other days in recent months.  These are evidences that some things have not changed.  Political and corporate corruption did not go away.  Only a few of the names have changed.  As time passes, many will be disappointed that the phrase from The Who is indeed correct:  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”


            Now is not the time to let our guards down.  Each of us must remain alert.  Whether we’re preparing for natural disasters, an economic depression, or the consequences of government edicts, both mental and physical preparation are imperative. Survival requires adapting to change.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stay in survival mode.