Have a Portable Emergency Camp Stove in Your Survival Supplies

            The power has been out in your home for hours due to the ice storm, and it’s getting pretty cold.  You’re bundled up in layers of clothing, and now you’re getting hungry.  Opening a can of cold food is pretty unappetizing.  There’s no way to warm it up because your stove depends on electricity to work.  What should you do?


            A good solution is to use an emergency camp stove.  The Esbit "Tommy Stove” is the ORIGINAL German Military Esbit Pocket "Tommy" Stove.   It’s small and lightweight, yet strong enough to hold a gallon size pot.  Boil water in your cup for coffee or cook a can of beans.


The Esbit Stove has been copied by others, but this one sets the standard.  Nitro-Pak has carried this stove now for over 15 years and highly recommends it due to its superior quality and the super clean burning fuel tablets. Nitro-Pak says they haven’t found anything as good in the same price range.  The Esbit stove is excellent for survival kits.  Get one for each member of the family.


The Esbit Stove is a compact, lightweight 3.25 oz. fold down pocket size stove  It’s an extremely efficient cooking appliance designed for a wide variety of uses in the outdoors.  It’s German engineered with specially designed air flow slits in the base to provide a stronger and more directed flame from the Esbit® solid fuel tablets.


As for the solid fuel tabs, for over 50 years, Esbit® has been recognized as a safe and efficient solid fuel tablet used the world over.  These compact solid fuel tablets will provide a steady and reliable source of heat for cooking, boiling or to provide needed warmth in the outdoors, no matter what the weather.


These Esbit fuel tabs are practically odorless and will not decompose, evaporate or crystallize.  The non-toxic formula makes them completely harmless to our environment.  They’re nearly smokeless, emit no harmful vapors, and can be used inside a tent with proper ventilation.


Get up to 12-15 minutes of useable burn time per tablet.  One cube will bring 1 pint of water to a rolling boil in less than 8 minutes.  The tabs burn efficiently and effectively even at high altitudes.  They light easily with ordinary wooden matches and can even be extinguished and saved for later re-use.


Keep one of these Esbit pocket stoves and solid fuel tabs in your survival supplies and backpacking equipment.  They’re inexpensive, don’t take up much space and come in quite handy when you need to cook without power or gas.  That makes them great for camping, hunting, biking, or any outdoor adventure, as well as in the aftermath of storms or other natural disasters.


To order your Esbit “Tommy Stove” and solid fuel tablets, click on the Nitro-Pak logo and type the word Esbit in the home page search box.  You’ll see both the Esbit pocket stove and Esbit solid fuel tablets pictured on the page.  You can order both from that page or click on each picture for more information and to order.  Don’t wait until the last minute to be prepared with one of these little survival stoves and fuel tabs.  Order yours today.



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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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