Your Survival Kit is Incomplete Without a Steripen Portable Water Purifier

            Several times I’ve promoted gravity fed water purifiers for your home, but what if you’re traveling, camping or hiking?  Though there are many portable filters and purifiers available to choose from, let me tell you about the Steripen Ultraviolet Water Purifier.  Steripen is the only portable water purifier that uses ultraviolet light to destroy waterborne microbes.  It doesn’t matter whether your source is a woodland brook or an overseas hotel Tap. Steripen purifies clear water by destroying viruses, numerous types of bacteria and protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium—in seconds.  Having a Steripen is the fastest way to get pure, safe drinking water anywhere.


Steripen water purifiers are proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria and protozoa in 16 ounces in 48 seconds.  This is much faster and more thorough than chemicals like chlorine or iodine.  It means you can have pure, drinkable water quickly.  Lab tests at several universities have proven Steripen water purifiers exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for safety.


The Steripen requires 4 disposable or rechargeable AA batteries, and no external power source is necessary.  Steripen water purifiers are light, weighing only a few ounces, even with batteries.  That makes them easy to carry in a pack or even a purse.  These water purifiers are also easy to use. Push the button once for a quart or twice for a pint. Then put it in water until the indicator turns green. It’s all automatic after you push the button.  It’s much easier than fiddling with a pump filter.


To purchase a Steripen water purifier for your survival kit, click on the Nitro-Pak banner below.  On their home page, type the word Steripen in the search box, and you’ll see the page with several offerings from Steripen.  Choose the Steripen "Protector" Limited Edition while they’re still available.  Having pure water anywhere you need it is too important to overlook this opportunity to order your own Steripen water purifier right away.



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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.