Why You’re Preparing for Survival, According to You

            Each month I update the poll question you see immediately to the right of new blog posts.  I’m interested in knowing what you’re thinking and hope I can apply it to serving you better.  November’s question was, “What is your top reason for making survival preparations?”  I had more responses to this question than to any other so far.


            Here’s how you responded.  The outcome was easy to predict, but there were a couple of surprises.  The top response was that 80% of you are expecting economic and political changes.  That makes sense with the election this past month and the uncertainties of the transition to the incoming Obama administration, combined with the economic turmoil that continues.  Economic issues are at the top of readers’ concerns, based on my poll questions in recent months.


            The second ranked reason for preparedness showed 11% said they want to live a simpler life.  I thought this would rank higher, considering the resurgence of environmentalism as it relates to global warming.  Is it too much to say DestinySurvival readers don’t buy into the global warming hype?


            Only 7% said they’re preparing because they believe the end of the world is near.  That one wasn’t meant to be funny or poke fun at anybody.  I actually would have guessed that one to have a greater percentage of votes as well, because I know that many people who are into survivalism have certain religious beliefs, especially pertaining to prophetic events.


Only 1% said they’re preparing because it’s necessary due to upheaval in personal circumstances.  Maybe that’s rather vague, but I expected more to pick this choice because of going through things like home foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy, losing a job, etc.  If it’s safe to assume DestinySurvival readers haven’t had to deal with such things for the most part, then I’m truly glad.


Could it be safely said that there’s a lot of anxiety in our midst, but perhaps not that much personal tragedy yet?  I don’t wish difficulty upon anyone.  But then, we must prepare for the possibility of trouble in order to insure our personal survival.


            Take a look at this month’s question and let us know what you’ve had to change the most in the past six months.  Add an answer if you feel you need to.  Thanks for participating in this informal survey.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Why You’re Preparing for Survival, According to You”

  1. Would like to respond to your survey but couldn’t fit my answers into the categories.
    We can’t drive any less than we have for the last 6 months. We only give ornaments to the 7 immediate family members for Christmas and have for the past 5 years. We don’t eat out anymore, ever, and have not for the past year. We are retired so don’t ‘work’ more except for increasing our gardening. We don’t vacation, haven’t for the past 10 years and will only take a day trip, within 50 miles, if it is a ‘learning trip’ – how to garden more in our sub-tropical climate, a solar demonstration, a hydroponic workshop. Love your blog – have learned a lot.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments.

    I’m sure there are a lot of people who have pretty much made all the changes or cutbacks they can make. Some already live in such a way that allows them to make it through hard times with minimal personal effect. On the other hand, there are no doubt those who have had to make some changes due to the economic downturn. It’s hard to come up with a survey question to cover everybody.

    Enjoy your gardening, and keep at it.


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