Get a Dina Adapter for Your Survival Shotgun

The tap of solid metal against formica was hardly audible in the midst of the breakfast clatter at the Café 23.

“Whatcha got there, Sam?” asked Duane. “Looks like a silvery shotgun shell with a hole drilled through it.”

“You’re close,” Survival Sam said as he picked up the object of interest and held it up between his thumb and forefinger. “It’s called a Dina adapter. You put it in your shotgun and run regular rifle or handgun ammunition through it.”

“What the?” Duane reached out his hand. “Let me see that thing, Sam.”

Sam dropped the mysterious metal tube in Duane’s palm. “These Dinas are one of a kind adapters. They allow you to turn any 12, 16, or 20 gauge shotgun in to a rifle instantly.”

Duane turned the Dina over in his hands, looking at it closely. “That’s just the coolest thing! How does it work? Is this the only one they make?”

“All you do is insert a Dina Adapter into your shotgun’s chamber, like you would do with a standard shell,” Sam said. “You can buy adapters for several different calibers. In fact, not only can you fire cartridges from twenty two rimfires to forty four magnum, but you can also fire smaller gauge shells in a shotgun like the little four ten in a twelve gauge.”

“Hmmm. I think my brother-in-law Bill has a shotgun with a magazine,” Duane said. “Will this work for that?”

“Sure,” Sam said, “the magazine can be filled to capacity. It’s one of the reasons Dina Adapters are an inexpensive way to get more use out of your gun. These adapters are also made out of high tolerance machined metal, so they’re quite durable and long lasting.”

I put down my glass of water. “Are these legal, Sam?”

“Of course. They’re legal to buy and sell since they are a gun part. Shipping cost is minimal, too, because they can be shipped by regular mail.”

Duane rolled the Dina between his hands. “Ah, the feel of round, cold metal.” He took a deep breath and his face lit up. “Talk about an item that could be bought in bulk and then used for barter!”

Sam slurped his coffee. “Excellent point, Duane. Another reason these Dina Adapters are so wonderful is that you save money when you use them because they reduce your need for multiple guns. You can shoot any type of ammo you need with nothing more than your survival shotgun.”

Duane gingerly passed the Dina to me. “What can you fire through this one?” I asked.

“This one’s suited for firing twenty-two Long Rifle ammo from a 12 gauge shotgun,” Sam said. “It’s a two point five inch converter tube that’s rifled to improve the accuracy of the shot. The ammo never touches the barrel as it travels down the center.”

Duane looked longingly at the Dina as I passed it back to Survival Sam. “That really is the coolest thing. I’ve got to tell Bill about this. He’s always interested in unconventional weapons and their accessories.”

“That’s good,” I said.”

“I can see other uses for a Dina Adapter,” Duane said. “Like maybe hunting or target practice, and, of course, self defense. A guy could buy thirty-eight Special ammo whether he had a handgun or not, and use it in a Dina Adapter.”

“You’re really thinking there, Duane,” Sam said.

Then he turned to me. John, why don’t you promote the Dina Adapters on your blog?” He put his hand on my arm briefly and leaned close enough for me to smell the coffee on his breath. “Consider it a valuable public service in these troubled times.”

“Well,” I said, “The Dina really is a neat concept. I guess I could do it.”

“Very good,” Sam said. “Aren’t you glad you thought of it?”

Duane chuckled.

Sam continued. “Dina Arms has a website,” Sam explained. “Telling your readers about them could help people who want to use whatever ammo is available in their shotguns. Perhaps you could even show a picture from the site.”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“You shouldn’t do anything unethical, but you also won’t know until you try it,” Sam said. “If the company objects, take it down. At least you can get their address out there. It’s Of course, you could tack on a statement like, ‘Dear Readers, When doing business with Dina Arms, please mention DestinySurvival.’”

“It’s as good as done,” I said.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

8 thoughts on “Get a Dina Adapter for Your Survival Shotgun”

  1. Hello
    My question is what kind of accuracy can you get with say a 22 in a 12 ga?
    It a very interesting concept but could you hit say a beer can at 20yds with it?

  2. Good question. You should probably contact Dina Arms for any info or testimonials they might have. Better still, buy one for yourself and see how it performs in your own shotgun. They’re not very expensive.


  3. I am still looking for my order.

    Item # 1322
    paid for $

    12 gauge to 45 long Colt adapter
    12 gauge to 357mag adapter

    Is there a problem?

    Please respond.

    Mark W. Jones M.E.

  4. Have you contacted Dina Arms directly? I’m just the messenger here, passing along the info about them.

  5. I purchased two of them today, and then got to looking at there webpage and read buyer comments. Only a couple were posted, but both had been waiting along time, and this company apparently did not reply back to them, until they went to the better business bureau. I then started looking for contact information and could not find an address or phone number. I don’t recommend doing business with anyone who refuses to put there contact information on there website.

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