Survive with the “Family Emergency Preparedness Plan”

For some time now, Survival Sam and I have been saying to think the unthinkable as part of the survival mentality. Unthinkable things could involve everything from natural disasters, to economic turmoil, to political upheaval.

Sometimes we just need a nudge to get our minds working in the direction of anticipating and surviving the unthinkable. There’s a book that can help plan for the unexpected. It’s a 106 page paperback entitled Family Emergency Preparedness Plan, by Teena Read. Here’s a description.


The cover tells the story: this book gives you Just About Everything You Need to Create a Comprehensive Family Emergency Preparedness Plan. An innovative new strategy allows any size family to create a highly personalized plan for surviving real-life emergencies with comprehensive risk analysis, non-food and food lists, menus, worksheets, and planners. The Plan includes four Levels of Preparedness based on specific assumptions and projected personal situations. Seventy-two hours in extreme circumstances Fourteen days, anticipating the probability of rapid evacuation, and without any outside or public services; Three months at home, without ANY outside services; and The mother of all preparedness plans – a whole year- with only limited outside services. Preparations are based on Categories of Need and each level builds upon the previous level. Most families can achieve the 72-hour kits through 14-Day Grab & Run Packs almost immediately, by recognizing items they already have on hand- but are scattered among their belongings. Tools include comprehensive lists, worksheets, quantity conversion formulas, a phased purchase plan and purchase tracker, a years worth of menu-based meal plans, and best of all MOTIVATION! And a newfound peace that will surely result from the umbrella of safety this plan provides.


This is the kind of information you won’t want to let sit on your bookshelf. Get your copy of the Family Emergency Preparedness Plan now by clicking on its title where you see it linked in this post. You’ll be taken to a page where you can order your copy. Help get your family prepared to survive the unthinkable.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.