What Is It Like to Survive a Collapse?

            The other day I read a series of articles from a man who lived through the economic collapse in Argentina early in this decade.  Though he wrote about this a couple of years ago, it’s very relevant for today.  Sadly, I understand Argentina may be about to go through even more economic upheaval.


Will we go through anything like what they’ve been through?  Who knows?  One thing is for certain.  Things will be different than the way of life we’ve known to this point.  The gentleman who wrote about it gives a glimpse into the astounding rise in crime and police corruption, requiring constant personal vigilance and a continual self defense mindset.  Everything about normal life is disrupted, from how one drives on the streets to one’s home entertainment choices.  The author makes recommendations on how to prepare for such a changed lifestyle, but also reflects on what he might have done differently to be better prepared.


            Here are just a couple of thoughts for you to ponder.  Robbers or other criminals aren’t necessarily going to be dressed or marked in an identifiable way.  In such an atmosphere, it pays to be physically fit, know how to fight if necessary, have a good knife and guns (no sniper rifles) and adequate ammunition to defend yourself.  Consider watching movies at home, rather than going out at night on unsafe streets.  Have plenty of books and reading material as well.  Buy plenty of storage food, including a little extra each time you go grocery shopping.  We’ve recommended that on this blog before.


            You may be thinking that such conditions of societal deterioration couldn’t happen here.  It’s to be expected in places we think of as “banana republics” in Central and South America, where corrupt dictators come and go.  Yet our world is rapidly changing, and as we’ve also said here before, survival means being ready for the unthinkable.


            If you’d like to read this series of articles on the lessons learned from Argentina’s collapse, click here.  Be advised that this is one man’s personal experience.  While instructive, his opinions and recommendations are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of DestinySurvival.com.  Your survival in the midst of whatever may happen is up to you.


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