Here’s Advice and a Survival Package You’ll Want

As you might expect in light of recent events, people are seeking advice on weathering hard times.  Nitro-Pak’s customers are asking for advice from Harry Weyandt, the company’s president.  Right now he’s telling them to do four things to start with, and I thought I would condense it here so you’ll know what he’s recommending, too.


First, store food.  As Weyandt  points out, it’s the only investment you can eat.  You may already know that Survival Sam and I heartily agree.  Get a 6 month to 1 year supply of long term storage food for your family.  Mountain House’s 25 year shelf-life freeze-dried foods are Weyandt ‘s number one Recommendation.  They store longer and easier, and taste great.


Second, store extra necessity “barter” items.  That includes things like toilet tissue.   That’s essential.  Get hand soap, deodorant, shampoo, shaving razors, tooth paste, feminine hygiene items, child diapers, etc.


Third, have cash on hand.  This is a good idea, considering the bank closures and even bank runs we’ve seen here and overseas in recent months.  Also, when electricity or satellites are out, your ATM card won’t work.  Weyandt highly recommends a "cash" reserve of 1 to 3 months living expenses stored away from your bank.  Of course, you’ll keep this low key for your own safety and you won’t tell anyone about it.  Get your cash in small bills and only takeout less than $10,000 at a time to avoid bank reporting rules.


Fourth, Weyandt  says to have a gold and silver reserve.  Survival Sam and I would agree having silver is a good idea, but not gold.    As for silver, Weyandt says to Buy 90% Junk Silver first, available at most coin stores and many pawn shops, sold by the single coin or bag.  Weyandt  says to check the internet for current pricing. Call around and get price quotes.  Costs will fluctuate daily.  Another great way to store silver is with privately minted 1 ounce silver round coins.  Both the 90% junk silver coins and 1 ounce silver rounds are easily sold and traded any time.  Weyandt does not recommend bars of gold or silver or rare coins, which are not nearly as liquid to sell.


The way things are these days, I’d recommend that you make the investment to get Nitro-Pak’s Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak.  It’s the ultimate emergency preparedness reserve and a Nitro-Pak exclusive.  The Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak will save you $500 compared to what you’d pay for the individual items that are included.  It’s not inexpensive, and Nitro-Pak acknowledges it’s not for everyone, but it’s made for those who are looking for a family emergency pak that covers you for just about any disaster or financial emergency crisis.   It could also easily be used as a business or corporate reserve.  Nitro-Pak has taken all the guess work and hassle out of preparing for you and your family.  It was developed carefully after hundreds of requests for an all inclusive family unit.


This incredible, one of a kind emergency reserve includes all the survival basics, such as:


‘No-Cooking or Preparation’ Delicious Freeze-Dried Foods with a 25 Year Shelf-Life

Water Filters and Storage Barrels

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Heat & Warmth

Medic Quality First-Aid Supplies

Sanitation Supplies

Evacuation Gas Masks & Spare Filters

10 Year Storing Vitamins

Potassium Iodide (radiation nuke pills)

Nitro-Pak’s best Solar/Battery Powered Lantern with AM/FM/Radio

2 Executive 72 Hour Evacuation Kits for Your Vehicles

…and Much, Much More!


As Harry Weyandt  notes, Will Rodgers once said, "Invest in inflation. It’s the only thing going up.”  These are the hard times many have predicted for years, and things aren’t going to be getting any better in the near future.  That’s why I strongly recommend that you get this amazing and comprehensive package, the Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak from Nitro-Pak.


Many items that come with the Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak are in short supply, so Nitro-Pak has  pulled these items aside to insure that at least a few of their customers will have the limited opportunity to purchase one of these special reserves.  By the way, as of September 30, 2008, Nitro-Pak has been experiencing heavy demand for Mountain House canned foods again. They say most orders should ship in approximately 8-15 business days, but depending on the daily orders received, this time may increase as the Banking Crisis grows.  Nitro-Pak urges customers to order now while inventory is still available.  


To order your Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak, click on the Nitro-Pak banner below, and you’ll see the Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak pictured in the middle of their home page.  Or type the words Preparedness Pak in the search box and click on the product’s picture for more details and place your order.  It’s absolutely one of the best investments you’ll make for your family’s survival.


Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.