Survival Kitchen–An Excellent Pail for Grain Storage

Below is a video that describes an excellent pail and resealable lid for storing grain or other food. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

You can buy these pails from Miller’s Grain House. I don’t make anything from the sale of these pails myself, but they’re worth letting you know about because they’ll be an asset for your preparedness planning.



As a matter of fact, this is a favorite pail of Donna Miller. She describes them on her Web site as “Long-term, Working Pantry Dry Goods Pails (with Spin-off lids).” And the good news here is they’re now available in several useful sizes.

Donna wants you to have a successful and productive kitchen. By connecting with Miller’s Grain House, you not only get these fantastic food storage pails, but you can get organically grown, chemical free whole grains to store in those pails, such as wheat, oats, spelt, rice, beans, corn and popcorn at the best prices around.

The site for Miller’s Grain House is a valuable resource for your survival kitchen. Among other things, it features how-to articles and videos with info on using grain mills and grinders as well as how to make your own bread. And you’ll find a lot more there, too.

When you contact Donna Miller, be sure to mention DestinySurvival.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

4 thoughts on “Survival Kitchen–An Excellent Pail for Grain Storage”

  1. First, I want to thank John for asking to put the video up! Thank you, John.

    We did get an order mentioning ‘destinysurvival’ the very first day he posted it.

    It is really our mission/ministry to help people prepare for what may be some trying times ahead. It’s not about hording or panic, but about Peace and preparedness…being able to share with those in need and teach those who need to learn what to do. You can’t out-smart or out-plan fear, but you can turn that over to God and prepare. That’s what we are about.

    LOVE this site and so happy to be working with others in preparedness!

    Best Blessings!

    Donna Miller Owner,

    Millers Grain House

  2. It’s a nice bucket but it’s the wrong shape. I need square or rectangular containers that stack. These are more space-efficient than round buckets. Until I can find a good storage system, the plastic margarine tubs will have to do.

    1. Lehman’s has 4 gallon square buckets. If you go to and type PlasticBucket in their search box, it will bring up the page where they’re featured.

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