The Survivalist–Part 1

"Never pick up hitchhikers" has been my motto for years, but I had a different feeling about this one. He had a carton at his feet as he stood on a busy street in Fort Collins, Colorado, that lead out of town. He leaned in the window when I came to a stop. “I just need a lift to my home about five miles up the road,” he said. It was fine with me and I had him put his carton in the rear seat and join me up front.

“Haven’t I just seen you somewhere before,” I asked?

“You could have, if you were at the gun and knife show. I have a table there. You might have seen me selling books, that’s what’s in the carton.”

“That’s it,” I said. “Sorry I didn’t get around to your table, but I wanted to get back on the road.  I just stopped to check out the guns, see what is available. So what kind of books do you have?”

“My own”, he smiled. “Been working on it for years. I keep adding to it as I get new information, people send me ideas all the time.”

“You’ve got me curious”, I said. “I don’t meet many authors. What is your book about?”

“ Well, I hope I don’t freak you out, but I’m a survivalist, my book is about shelter, that’s my specialty.” He looked at me, gauging my


“No problem,” I assured  him. “I’m a survivalist too, it’s at the heart of my philosophy. But I want to hear about you and your book.”

“Like I said, it’s a shelter book. My specialty is converting automobiles

into survival shelters, old cars, junkers to be exact. I’m living in one now, that’s where I’m heading.”

I had to admit I had not heard about cars as shelters, not on a planned basis. I was fascinated, and told him so. He was glad to have someone to talk

to who was as interested as I was and he opened up to me. But just as he was starting to tell me his story his road came into view.

“That’s it,” he said, “just a dirt trail, you could drive right by if you didn’t know it as there.”

As I slowed to a stop, he looked at me closely, making a decision. “Want to see my place? It’s not far off the road.”

Although I had a journey to complete, I couldn’t turn down his invitation. “Love to.” I turned into the dirt lane and after we pulled in, the road disappeared behind the foliage of the trees and shrubs


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