Get Info on Survival and Flood Aftermath Home Repairs

            While the big news of the day is about government bailouts and the stock market, there are still many people who are coping with the aftermath of hurricanes, particularly Ike.  If you’re one of those, or know someone who is, there’s a 56 page FEMA booklet you’ll want to get entitled Repairing Your Flooded Home.

            Here’s what you’ll find in this booklet.

Step 1. Take Care of Yourself First
Protect yourself and your family from stress, fatigue, and health hazards that follow a flood.
Step 2. Give Your Home First Aid
Once it is safe to go back in, protect your home and contents from further damage.
Step 3. Get Organized
Some things are not worth repairing and some things may be too complicated or expensive for you to do by yourself. A recovery plan can take these things into account and help you make the most of your time and money.
Step 4. Dry Out Your Home
Floodwaters damage materials, leave mud, silt and unknown contaminants, and promote the growth of mildew. You need to dry your home to reduce these hazards and the damage they cause.
Step 5. Restore the Utilities
The rest of your work will be much easier if you have heat, electricity, clean water, and sewage disposal.
Step 6. Clean Up
The walls, floors, closets, shelves, contents and any other flooded parts of your home should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.
Step 7. Check on Financial Assistance
Voluntary agencies, businesses, insurance, and government disaster programs can help you through recovery.
Step 8. Rebuild and Floodproof Take your time to rebuild correctly and make improvements that will protect your building from damage by the next flood.
Step 9. Prepare for the Next Flood
Protect yourself from the next flood with flood insurance, a flood response plan, and community flood protection programs.This step also includes sources to go to for additional assistance.

            You’ll also find important phone numbers and more on safety precautions

            Click here to go to the DestinySurvival downloads page, where you’ll find links to this booklet and a couple other resources on coping with flood aftermath.  If you want to get this booklet without going to the downloads page first, simply right click here, then choose "Save as" to save it on your computer.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.