Your Drinking Water Could Be Dangerous to Your Survival

The AP reported last March that the tap water of 41 million Americans is contaminated with horrible prescription drugs and hormones. Believe it or not, they’ve followed up on this and have found that as many as 46 million or more Americans are drinking contaminated water. That’s frightening, isn’t it? I thought we were living in modern times where clean water was a given.

Apparently these AP stories prompted federal and local legislative hearings, and led at least 27 additional metropolitan areas to test their drinking water. Seventeen cities found things in their water. If you live in Reno, NV, Savannah, GA, Colorado Springs, CO, or Huntsville, AL, you’re probably drinking some nasty water. Most cities across the country haven’t tested their water, so doesn’t it make you a bit wary of what you might be drinking? The good news is that Boston, Phoenix and Seattle didn’t find the drugs in their water.

I’m sure city officials are all saying these things are in the water in such minute quantities that they won’t hurt you or me. Do you really believe that? Do you want to take chances with the water you drink? Perhaps cities all over should be looking into improving their water treatment systems. Of course, it doesn’t help that more of us are taking medications that get flushed into the system. It makes a good case for alternative medicine, but that’s another story.

You don’t have to wait until your local municipality does something about its water. You can have water that’s better than bottled water. In fact, who really knows the source and quality of the bottled water you may be drinking? You shouldn’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into your bottled water from the plastic used to make the bottles. You can do something right now by getting a Burkey water purification system.

Try the Berkey Light or the Big Berkey Tabletop models. They’re both gravity fed, but here’s a little info on how the Big Berkey works. Just pour “raw” water in its top chamber and draw off sparkling-clean water from the lower chamber. Its four special ceramic elements contain carbon media to remove bacteria and reduce chemicals, rust, sediment, and bad tastes and odors. Because it’s made of beautiful Stainless Steel, it can’t rust, break or put flavor in your water. It holds eight quarts and filters up to 21 gallons per day. And here’s an extra plus. It’s made in the USA.

Take control of the quality of your drinking water today, and put your mind at ease about the water you drink. Find Berkey products for water filtration and purification from companies shown on the Survival Kits & Essential Supplies page in the Prep Mart.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

5 thoughts on “Your Drinking Water Could Be Dangerous to Your Survival”

  1. I work with the American Chemistry Council, and yes, it’s true that drinking water contains all kinds of bad pharmies. BUT, and it’s a huge BUT, drinking water also contains cleansing agents that should neutralize all of the bad stuff. For instance, drinking water has contained minute traces of chlorine for 100 years that eradicates almost all of the bad bacteria.

  2. Supposedly our water meets all the government standards, but it’s very hard and tastes horrible. We have a softener and purifier, and that helps preserve plumbing and makes water taste better. Why not get a Berkey for better tasting water and have the insurance purification offers as well?


  3. This is indeed troubling. These chemicals and hormones are also causing damage to the environment we need to function properly in order to survive. For example, estrogen from medications given to women are now found in rivers and ponds, causing problems with the wildlife. Add to that the witches brew of prescription drugs and this is a very bad problem that can effect our food supply as well as water.

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