What if Your Survival is Undesirable?

When we hear the name Adolph Hitler, most of us immediately think of him as a fanatical madman who was responsible for the killing of millions of Jews. He is remembered as wanting to develop a Master Race. He endeavored to put eugenics into practice. This meant eliminating those who were undesirable and didn’t meet the standards of superiority.

In case you’re not already aware of it, Hitler was neither the first, nor the only one in recent times to advocate eugenics. Click here to read quotes from a number of others.

There are indeed those who consider you and me undesirable and prime candidates for massive depopulation. Perhaps many among the elites are not certain of the best strategy to accomplish this. Birth control and abortion? AIDS? Genetically modified and cloned foods for controlling food supply and having the potential to cause strange illnesses? Chemtrails to put harmful chemicals and disease vectors in the air we breathe? Use of antidepressants to bring about suicides and shootings?

On the other hand, many among the elites know exactly what they are doing. More than one strategy is necessary to keep intended victims from discovering their evil intents. Therefore, not all that we consider progress is progress—at least not for you and me. Nonetheless, this is the world in which we live. Remember this when taking your own survival situation into consideration. How will you change your lifestyle in order for you and your family to survive in the face of menacing forces?

Do you need further proof? Then order the DVD’s by Alex Jones—TerrorStorm and Endgame. You’ll never see the world in quite the same way again.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

3 thoughts on “What if Your Survival is Undesirable?”

  1. I am not sure I get this idea that the elite are trying to kill off the human race, leaving just enough folks to ne their servants. The countries with the largest populations aren’t doing it. The USA is has a low population for it’s land mass. I reckon I need help on this.


  2. Environmentalists and their ilk have been harping about overpopulation of the planet for decades. Their remedy is massive depopulation. These ideas aren’t just the wild eyed notion of crackpots. Big money goes into researching and promoting such things. Old ideas are being recycled,not to make a pun, and they are growing in popularity with the economic downturn and global warming propaganda.
    As in politics, much is accomplished incrementally. How much is being carried out via any of the given items I mentioned in my post? If there were a massive die-off of people in this country that could be attributed to something like bird flu, it wouldn’t raise as many questions as if people were blatantly being killed in concentration camps. We don’t like to believe those in high places can be evil or have evil intent toward us. Those who wish for a biological outbreak to happen may be in the process of concocting a genetically modified virus for just such an event.
    Consider how many of modern science’s steps toward progress turn out to be harmful, or dubious at best. For example, is it really wise to foist genetically modified rice on India and other Asian countries? Is it as innocent as it would seem, with the rice being allegedly enriched with vitamins? If genetically modified foods are completely safe and all they’re claimed to be, why can’t we have proper food labeling to identify them/ Who benefits? Can we follow the money trail?
    Are we merely experiencing bumps on the road to progress, or is there possibly something more sinister at work? No one will come out and admit the latter, you can be sure of that.
    Be sure of this. Things are not what they seem.


  3. I would add something to what Sam said. America has been known as a Christian nation. Could it be that there are those who hate Christians and Christianity enough to do us harm in ways not readily recognizeable for what they are?


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