Use Stress as a Survival Tool

            One Hollywood production down, one to go.  I refer to the political conventions of the two major political parties.  I certainly hope you’re not expecting meaningful change or some sort of salvation for your personal situation as a result of what happens at these conventions or what may happen in November.  If so, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  A thought from an unidentified source relates why this is true.  Power corrupts, but the corrupt seek power. 


            This isn’t to say we wont’ see some sort of change.  We’ve been seeing plenty of change the past year or so with the economic downturn.  For many that change has not been for the good.  For others, they have initiated their own lifestyle changes in anticipation of further changes for the worse.  I refer to those who have begun gardening or who have started stocking up on food, ammunition, and other survival supplies.


            About two weeks or so back, ABC news spoke with a couple heads of survival preparedness schools.  Both agreed that many people are as uneasy as if anticipating calamity that many anticipated regarding Y2K.  There are indeed issues of concern, such as higher prices of food and many other items, resulting from the higher prices for oil.  There is tension, whether contrived or otherwise, over Iran and the situation between Russia and Georgia.  Some say we face the threat of nuclear confrontation.


            We live in stressful times.  Stress, however, is not necessarily an enemy.  Animals in the wild sense danger and either run and hide or fight.  Think of your pets.  A house cat is ever on the alert.  Dogs bark to alert us of something they think we should know about.  We would do well to be more like the animals and pay attention to the world around us and take discerning action.  Granted, the media, mainstream and otherwise, can whip us into a frenzy, if we let them.  That’s when it’s important to determine as best as we can the threat level of a given situation.  If a hurricane is on the way, it is best to be prepared.  If a job cut at your place of work is a possibility, begin preparing for such a thing.  If an asteroid is due to strike in 2029, we can put that in its proper perspective and take no action.


            For the most part, we have lived in an affluent and prospering society long enough that we may feel stress is uncalled for and out of place.  We may think that, since we don’t face the same kind of hazards as our forefathers, there is something wrong if we’re stressed.  However, we face a different set of stress causing concerns than those who lived one or two hundred years ago.  Today many address stress by taking medications.  While I don’t wish to give medical advice, such a solution may not always be the correct one.  It’s important to recognize stress, determine the source, and take action to alleviate that stress.


            If you’re sensing things aren’t quite right, don’t ignore it.  Think it through.  Talk it over with family and trusted friends.  Read up on survival and preparedness.  Follow the example of animals in nature and prepare for danger and change.  Rather than heighten your stress level, you’ll find that taking action gives you confidence and puts your mind at ease.  While it may not be possible to resolve all of the problems causing you concern, you’ll be taking steps in the right direction.  Let your stress serve as a signal to you.  Let it be a tool for survival.


By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.  (Hebrews 11:7, Holy Bible, King James Version—emphasis added)