Cooking for Survival with Stored Corn

            I’m excited today because I get to introduce the first video posted on John’s blog–with his help, of course!  I thought it would be good to start with something about cooking with storage food.  In this case, it’s on making sweet corn fritters from ground corn.

            Now, I don’t know the man who made this casual video, but if you can spare about ten and a half minutes, you’ll see how to use corn you can grind yourself, along with other ingredients from a supply of stored food.  I like the way he encourages you and me to experiment and get familiar with using storage food.

            After you’ve watched the video, you might want more ideas on cooking with your storage food.  It so happens that a while back, my friend diane and I had a conversation about a book that tells you how to cook with the storage food you’ve set aside.  It’s available from Nitro-Pak.    Click here to read about it.