Get Info on Keeping Chickens for Survival

            A lot more people these days are getting interested in back to basic living and homesteading, which includes raising chickens for eggs and meat.  Some people are raising chickens right in the middle of cities, which proves you don’t have to be out in the country to keep chickens.


            Maybe your grandma and grandpa or a favorite aunt and uncle raised chickens.  Maybe you even had a favorite one that you named.  You also know how good those fresh, farm-raised eggs are.  They’re better for you and don’t taste the same or even have the same pale yoke color as the eggs you buy at the grocery store.  Chickens are good at keeping the insect population down, too, which is good if you’re doing some gardening as well.


            If you’ve thought of keeping chickens, I know where you can get some good information to get started.  It could be helpful if you’ve been raising chickens for a while, too.  On this page is a link titled Self Sufficient Life that takes you to a site with plenty of practical tips and e-books on several areas of self reliant or back to basics living.  You can also get there if you click hereThey have a couple of e-books on raising chickens:  A Guide to Success With Poultry and How To Build A Chicken Coop and Run.


            Here’s a brief excerpt from the page featuring these e-books.


Raising chickens is one of the first steps to self sufficiency that many people take. As well as providing much enjoyment and amusement one of the many benefits keeping chickens is the eggs that they give us. All breeds and varieties of fowls may be grouped in four classes:

1. Egg Breeds

2. Meat Breeds

3. General Purpose Breeds

4. Fancy Breeds


            You can read more on their site about these classes of chickens by clicking here A new window will open up for you.  On the left sidebar of that page, click on Keeping Chickens.  That’s where you can order their two e-books, A Guide to Success With Poultry and How To Build A Chicken Coop and Run


            Get these e-books today and make raising a few chickens part of your strategy for survival.