Survival Gardening–Finding a Farmers Market

            By now, you might be looking for good, wholesome food you couldn’t grow in your survival garden this year because you didn’t have enough room.  Or maybe you want more fresh salad greens or big, juicy red tomatoes for canning or drying.  On the other hand, maybe you’ve got so much squash you’ve thought about selling it.  You need to connect with a farmers market.  If you don’t know where to find one near where you live, I’ve got a couple suggestions you can try.


I just bet I’d get the strangest look from you right now if I could ask you in person whether you’re a farmer or a foody.  No, I don’t mean footy or hoody.


What’s a foody you ask?  According to, a foody is “a customer, chef, everyone with a relationship to a farm and who wants to make friends with a farm or another foody.”  They define a farm as “a farm, vineyard, PYO, Farmer’s Market, CSA, a victory garden — a local producer. All farms want foodies as friends.”  By the way, PYO stans for Pick Your Own, and CSA is Community Supported Agriculture, where you work out an arrangement for a share of a farmer’s produce. is a social networking site to connect local farms and customers, otherwise known as Foodies.  Farms let people know what they have and Foodies let farms know what they want.  Farmfoody matches people by location according to Zip code and by whatever you’re looking for, such as peaches, tomatoes, or beef.  If you’re searching for Pick-Your-Own farms and orchards, vineyards, CSAs, and Farmers Markets, this will be useful for you.   Also, it can be helpful if you’re a local gardener who wants to trade produce and ideas.  Just like Facebook and Myspace, foodies and farms can become "friends".  Once a friend, you can receive up-to-date bulletins about what is available and ready to pick from your farm friend.


            You can check it out at  Be sure to tell those new friends about  I know John would appreciate that.


            On the other hand, if you’re not into the social  networking thing and just want a way to look up farmers markets by name or Zip code, the USDA has a search page, too.  You can click here for that.


            Let us know here how this works out for you.  Happy searching, and happy eating!