Survival Means Breaking Free of Learned Helplessness

            If you were one of my students in a college class, I would give you one simple homework assignment today, then dismiss class.  The assignment?  Read and contemplate the article on America’s Learned Helplessness, by Jerry Mazza, Online Journal Associate Editor.


You would not be asked to agree with Mazza’s political sentiments or any implied problem solutions.  Your task would simply be to determine whether he makes valid points about learned helplessness and whether you’ve been duped into a perceived sense of helplessness in your own life.  If so, what can you do about it?


            Granted, we all have our limitations, and I believe it’s important to recognize those limitations.  The other side of the coin is that we each have strengths.  What are those strengths, and how can we best put them to use?  What are the strengths of those around you, and how can they best be put to use?  In using those strengths, individually or collectively, we may be able to compensate for our limitations and achieve things we had not previously believed we could achieve.


            If that sounds rather general or vague concerning how this ties in with survival, that’s because I’m relating principles.  How those principles are applied in your own life and specific situations is up to you.


            An important reason John started this blog is to help you, the reader, to understand that you have alternatives.  Namely, be prepared, rather than wait for something to happen to you.  As I’ve said often, survival means having a certain attitude or mindset.  You don’t have to be angry or rebellious, just open minded and willing to embrace resourcefulness in the midst of whatever crisis we either will experience or are experiencing now.


Then, of course, there are physical items you’ll need in order to implement your survival strategy.  Thus, a number of products from various companies are promoted here for your benefit.  As you already know, shopping online offers you the advantage of not spending time and gas money searching for something you may not be able to find locally.


            Enough of that for now.  You get the idea, or you wouldn’t be looking at this blog in the first place.  So, class dismissed.