Include a Solar Battery Charger in Your Survival Supplies

Recently I recommended stocking up on rechargeable batteries.  Once you’ve inventoried your electronics, determined your battery needs, and purchased the number and sizes of batteries you have to have, then you’ll want a battery charger.  There are plenty to choose from, including some quite expensive computerized chargers that do a wonderful job of reconditioning batteries and bringing old rechargeables back to life.


But what about survival in conditions where there is no electricity?  That’s when a solar battery charger is a must.  Nitro-Pak has a couple of models which are all-in-one solar chargers for recharging AAA, AA, C, and D-cell Ni-Cads, plus give extended life to normal alkaline batteries as well.  I assume NiMH batteries can be charged, too, but may take a little longer to charge.  I haven’t tried them in a solar charger myself, so would love to hear any experiences you’ve had.  One advantage with NiMH batteries is they don’t develop the memory that Ni-Cads do, so if you don’t get them fully charged, it shouldn’t present much of a problem regarding overall battery life.


These solar chargers are simple to operate.  Just place the charger in direct sunlight to begin charging.  There’s a built-in blocking diode that prevents discharge when there’s no sun.  They’re made with water resistant polycarbonate housing, too.  These chargers are perfect for home, camping, and emergency use.


The deluxe model charges11 popular battery sizes including the new, flat prismatic batteries.  The charger also includes a built-in sun meter.  Both models of chargers will pay for themselves many times over.  Batteries aren’t included, but you already have some on hand, right?


These are nifty chargers.  To order yours, click on the Nitro-Pak logo, then type the key words Solar Battery Charger in the search box.  A page with solar charges appears.  The original model, featured first, is the one I own myself.  I have two of them.  Get at least a couple of them for your survival kit because it’s worth the price to have plenty of charged batteries ready when you need them.  Keep spare batteries charging until you’re ready for them.


Remember, when there’s no electricity, you’ll have to power your cameras, radios, and other devices the best way you can.  With a solar battery charger, you’ll be able to use the free energy from the sun.

Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

4 thoughts on “Include a Solar Battery Charger in Your Survival Supplies”

  1. Edited my post and did the link thingy for this post also. Seems like we’re thinking along the same track today.


    BTW, great idea to bring people up to speed on things like this.

  2. The Brunton Solarport 4.4 I have is a pretty good one – I’m happy with it. No idea if it is better than the Nitro-Pak models though.

  3. Try em out before you rely on them. I have yet to find a “solar” battery charger that will charge discharged AA batteries in a day. In order for them to work you must constantly re-align the small solar panel as the sun changes positions. I finally went with real solar panels, battery bank and 12 volt charger.

  4. Thanks very much for your info. The time factor you refer to seems like a good reason for having spare batteries charging over a few days while charged batteries are in use. The chargers from Nitro-Pak are also fairly inexpensive.


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