Survival Hunting Requires Proper Training

If you’ve never hunted before, but think you can shoot a squirrel or rabbit for dinner like Grandpa, you need to get proper training to do it safely and responsibly. In addition to knowing firearms safety, there are laws and regulations about licenses and hunting seasons which vary from state to state. Now is the time to start asking questions and getting the answers you need.

Getting the proper training you need is easier than you might think. First, keep in mind that 49 states have a mandatory hunter education program. There Are generally two steps required to get a hunting license.

Obtain your safety certification, if your state requires it. Then satisfy any other license requirements, such as application deadline dates, age limits for children, fees, etc., and apply for your license. Check with your state conservation agency for the specific hunting license and hunter education requirements where you live.

Your state offers these classes to enable residents to become safe, responsible hunters. One significant benefit of the training is that it helps reduce hunting accident rates. This is an important consideration for you and your family.

Hunter education provides a foundation in hunting safety and ethics that helps hunters focus on more than just being successful in the pursuit of game. Discover how to become a safe and ethical hunter who handles firearms safely, respects landowners and their properties, obeys the law, and recognizes the importance of hunting and the role hunters play in wildlife management.

You will likely receive a few hours of classroom training in topics such as: how firearms operate, safe hunting practices, hunting traditions and ethics, and hunter responsibilities. Topics and depth of coverage may vary from one state to another. A written exam may be required as well. Your state may offer some online education. You may have to attend some classes in the field to satisfy all the requirements.

Hunter education classes are a good idea for the whole family. If you’re a long time hunter, a little refresher course might be in order. If you’re totally new to hunting, such classes will be of great benefit.

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When you join the ranks of hunters, you’re adding a valuable survival skill. Enjoy yourself, but by all means be responsible and safe.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.