Survival and the Necessity of Independence

On holidays there’s no escaping the banter and blather associated with the given holiday. Conformity to the usual order of things on holidays gives the appearance of being mandatory.

As a result, I was reluctant to take up the topic at hand, fearing it would be perceived as trite and would be overlooked. Nonetheless, since survival and independence are crucial topics, a few thoughts seem appropriate.

Each year at Christmas we frequently hear something like, “Remember the reason for the season.” It certainly should be said regarding Independence Day.

Do you remember the reason we celebrate the Fourth of July? If it has been a while since you’ve read the text of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, click here to do so.

Courageous men not only stood up to their government, but broke away from it and eventually won the brutal and bloody War for Independence. They could not work within the system in place at the time to achieve what they sought. It was necessary to overthrow that which held them down and institute a new system of governance and national life.

Were it not for the Declaration of Independence and what followed, we would not have our great Constitution.

Could we see anything like that again in this country? Frankly, I doubt it, in spite of the unfathomable corruption, a growing level of tyranny, and the occasional grumblings about such matters. Most of us don’t have the sense to recognize or even care that a coup has taken place in our once great land, likely more than once. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have been reduced to mere symbols.

Politics and politicians will not cure this nation’s ills. The Great American Experiment is through. This isn’t the America we’ve been told it is, and we’re not our forefathers.

What does this have to do with survival? If you’re making survival preparations, you’ve already discovered that survival means breaking away from conventional thinking. It means separating yourself from the world of virtual reality that surrounds us. It means not working within the rules of the established system. It means contemplating and preparing for a time when there will not be a familiar system from which to function within.

Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a group of people involved in survival and preparedness, your actions have set you apart from those around you. You must continue to overthrow your old ways of thinking as you become independent of the system that binds so many as you develop a new system for your own life.

Circumstances of our daily lives are forcing us to think of survival in terms that go beyond the stereotypes and narrow notions of wilderness survival most of us have held all our lives.

While our country has lost freedoms we once cherished, you can still take the steps necessary to insure your survival in the difficult times that are upon us now.

It’s too late to save America, but it’s only too late for you if you believe it is. What independent action will you take this day to insure your survival?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Survival and the Necessity of Independence”

  1. “Courageous men not only stood up to their government, but broke away from it and eventually won the brutal and bloody War for Independence”

    I am hoping more sheeple turn into freedom loving patriots and work for change in this country.

  2. How do you think this change will come about? How many sheeple need to become active patriots to bring about that change? I think your hope is misplaced, and you’re in for great disappointment.
    It’s better now to acknowledge what is and focus quite literally on personal survival. This will be challenge enough.

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