Survival Gardening–Lawn Mowing Without Gasoline

            With gas prices at $4.00 or more, you may be counting the dollars you use with every gallon.  One way to cut down on gasoline use is to acquire a lawn mower that doesn’t use any.  Using such a mower will give you some needed exercise and allows you to hear the birds sing while you mow.  You can mow early on a Saturday morning and not worry about angering neighbors who are sleeping the day away.


            One such lawn mower from Lehman’s is the RazorCut Premium 38 Reel Lawn Mower, weighing only 17 lbs., making it lighter and more maneuverable than other brands.  It’s almost completely silent and friction-free.


            One of Lehman’s customers had this to say:


"We purchased the Brill reel mower mainly because we couldn’t afford the increase to our gas budget that was already taking a hit due to rising prices. We use two gas guzzling riding and push mowers to help mow our large lot. The idea that we could save money and get some exercise at the same time was an exciting challenge to our family…"


            At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a large banner for Lehman’s lawn mowers.  Click on it to go directly to the page featuring lawn mowers and blade care accessories.  One day gasoline may not only be expensive, but may not be accessible or even available.  You’ll wish you had a lawn mower like the RazorCut Premium 38 Reel Lawn Mower.  Don’t wait for that time to come.  Prepare now and order today.