Survival in a Corporate Nation

            I was eager to call Survival Sam about this one.


            “Sam, I just read an article saying the United States of America literally became a corporation 137 years ago.”


            Silence on the line for a couple seconds.  Then Sam spoke up.  “OK, so what?”


            “So what? Isn’t that outrageous?  The Constitution is virtually trash.  Some judges don’t even mention it in their courtrooms,” I said indignantly.


            “Do you think it would matter if they did mention it?” Sam asked.  “They don’t abide by it in large measure now, do they?”


            I was at a loss for words for a while.  “But isn’t there something we can do?  Some way to turn things back?  Some way to fight this?”


            “Would you fight a grizzly bear with an ice pick?” Sam asked.  When I didn’t say anything, Sam went on.  “Don’t cross Power.  It’s a good way to get killed.”


            I had gained composure a bit.  “Isn’t that admitting we’re nothing more than slaves?”


            “I wouldn’t say it’s admitting anything.  Besides, what if it’s true?  Who cares?  Sales of video games were up last month.  Is it so bad being enslaved?”


            “Sam, nobody wants to be a slave, or be like cattle,” I said.


            “Then don’t be.”


            “Now you’re not making sense.”


            Sam sighed.  “Here’s a survival lesson for you.  A survivor accepts the situation in which he finds himself, but he doesn’t give in to it.  He keeps struggling to live.”


            “How does that relate to us today?” I asked.


            “As I’ve said before, understand the world in which you live.  That doesn’t mean you have to like it.  But you should know how to act in accordance with the way things are.  One day we may be living under officially declared martial law, or the trucks and buses may come to round us up for the concentration camps.  Of course, we’ll be told it’s for our own good, and most people will believe it.  At that point, you’ll have a choice to make.  Either make the best of a bad situation in the camp environment, or don’t be there for the roundup in the first place.”


            “What about right now?”


            “Survive,” Sam said.  “Accept whatever situation you find yourself in, and come to terms with it.  Make the best of it.  Don’t forget, your blog is meant to help your readers do just that.”


            I had to admit it.  He had me there.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.