Prepare for “The Big One” for Your Own Survival

Everyone knows one day Southern California could experience “The Big One.” What if they had a 7.8 or larger quake, such as the one that recently devastated China’s Sichuan Province? The USGS has issued a 312 page report describing such a scenario.

While California might be better prepared than China, with its building codes and emergency response resources, that shouldn’t let anyone off the hook. Individuals and their families must be prepared. An earthquake equal to or greater than the 1994 Northridge quake is nothing to trifle with.

Concern over quakes isn’t limited to California though. With April’s 5.2 tremor in Eastern Illinois, those in the nation’s mid section are once again aware of the potential damage and dangers from a big quake in the New Madrid area.

Some government officials are now recommending having more than the standard three days worth of emergency supplies. Being ready for two weeks without electricity and water would be best. Have lighting that doesn’t depend solely on batteries. You can find companies offering 72-hour kits and other essential supplies for earthquake preparedness when you go here.

You can’t see an earthquake coming like you can see storms or tornadoes. Why take chances? Be prepared.


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  1. Having a survival kit or even some basic supplies is always a great idea. Yes its true California isn’t the only place where earthquakes could/do occur. In fact here in Utah where I live we are long overdue for a major earthquake which runs right along the Wasatch mountains (where 90% of the population resides). There has never been a better time to prepare than now.

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