You Can Manage Economic Survival with “Saving on the Green”

            “Mom, didn’t we just see that lady buying spaghetti and peanut butter at the grocery store?”  Jenny was observing shoppers rolling carts to and from their cars as Diane began pulling out of the big box store parking lot.


            “Where, honey?”  Diane turned her head to look.


            “That lady there, putting that big TV in the trunk of that blue SUV.”


            “I think you’re right, Jenny.”


            “I think so, too.”  Survival Sally closed her purse and looked to the back seat approvingly at Jenny.  “That’s very observant of you, Jenny.”


            “Don’t those big TV’s cost a lot of money?”


            “Yes, they do,” said Sally.  “But that lady’s not the only one buying one.  It’s funny, but people are cutting corners on groceries and even eating out less, but still buying big screen TV’s.”


            “Why would they do that?”  Diane waited for traffic to give her an opening to join the flow.


            “They rationalize it by saying they need a digital TV, since TV is going all digital next February, and they also say they need a big screen TV to watch movies at home.”


            “Thank you, Lord,” Diane said under her breath as she pulled onto the busy highway.  “I guess I know how that goes.  I wanted to do some major remodeling in our basement, but Duane persuaded me that we had more important things to do with our money, literally for our survival.  Sam’s been quite an influence on him, you know.”


            “That’s the way to be,” said Sally.  “It really is better to invest in things like storage food and a good water filtration system because they’re going to prove to be much more useful, maybe sooner than later.  However, I do think cutting corners on every day expenses is a good idea.  I’m glad our friend John was thinking of his readers when he put a place on the right side of his blog page for anyone to click on ‘Living on a Dime’.  They’re really good at giving helpful money saving tips.”


            “Is that the site that has all those e-books on wise budgeting and smart grocery shopping?” asked Diane.


            “Yes,” said Sally, “and right now they’ve got a super low price on a bundle of several wonderful e-books in a package they call ‘Saving of the Green’.  It covers several practical subjects for any family concerned about their economic survival.”


            “That lady back there with the big TV needs that.”  Jenny smiled.


            “Yes, she does,” Diane said.  “Maybe somebody who hasn’t spent all their money on a new TV can go to John’s blog and get some good ideas from that ‘Saving of the Green’ package from ‘Living on a Dime’.”


            “Yeah,” said Jenny, “That way they can discover how to make good money saving choices.”


            Sally beamed at Jenny.  “You said it, honey!”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.