Are You Prepared for Survival During Food Shortages?

A form of food rationing has begun in the U.S. You don’t believe it?

Think about this. Many times when you go to the supermarket or that big box bulk store, limits are imposed so it’s not possible to buy what someone considers the purchase of too many bags of rice or some other commodity.

Merchandising is handled differently than it used to be, and stores simply don’t have inventories like before. They order on demand. When you buy something off the shelf, the item usually has to be reordered by the store before that item reappears on the shelf.

We have such giants as Wal-Mart to thank for innovation in computerization that cuts their cost of doing business and increases competitiveness and efficiency. Most often this system works, but it’s based on the assumption there will always be adequate product to replenish store inventory. What happens when that is no longer true?

It’s time to look out for the survival of yourself and your family. If you’re going to buy more than what you need when you go grocery shopping, don’t panic. Be deliberate. Buy only a little more at a time. Don’t give anyone cause to question your shopping habits. Try shopping at more places than your usual routine dictates.

Don’t forget about growing some of your own food. Even if you live in an apartment, there are ways you can grow such things as herbs or lettuce.

Should we experience widespread shortages of food items throughout the country, I anticipate the government, in typical form, will respond slowly if at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are no official rationing programs as in World War II. The mantra will be, “Let the free marketplace work things out.” Take them at their word. It will be even clearer that you and I are left to be responsible for our personal survival.

This brings to mind an incident from history. Do you recall the account of a certain French queen in the 18th century? Upon being told there wasn’t enough bread for the people, she is reported to have said the famous words, “Let them eat cake.”

By the way, my favorite is angel food, but as survival food it’s strictly the last resort.

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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.