Your Survival Food Tastes Better with a Grain Mill

            “Mmmm…This bread is wonderful, Diane.  Did you make this?”  Survival Sally put down her slice of buttered homemade bread and sipped some iced tea.


            “One of my mother’s friends from church made it,” Diane said.  The aroma of bread filled the kitchen as she briefly heated a slice in the microwave for herself.


            “Oh, that’s right.  You were visiting your family this weekend, weren’t you?”


            “yes, and we had a really good time, too,” Diane said, seating herself at the kitchen table across from Sally.  “There was so much wonderful food at the church dinner Sunday afternoon, but I just had to ask Judy about this bread.  She let me have the rest of an uneaten loaf.”


            “I can’t believe there was any left over.”


            “I know, but she brought five loaves!” Diane laughed.


            “My goodness.  She must have been baking all day Saturday,” Sally said.


            “Oh, I know it.  When I asked her what made her bread so good, she said it was from flour she ground herself with a grain mill.”


            “Really?  That’s wonderful.  Did she say which one?” asked Sally.  “Pass the butter, Diane.  “I’ll have another slice.  This tastes like more!”


            “She said she uses the Country Living grain mill.”


            “Oh, Country Living is one of the best hand mills there is.  Sam and I have one, but I’m ashamed to say I  haven’t used it for such a long time.  It’s a great item to have for survival.  Who knows when it will be hard to get regular flour?”  Ice clinked as she sipped more tea.  “The Country Living grain mill grinds everything though.  You can use it for wheat, corn, beans, or rice, or any other grain.  You can make two pounds of flour in about eight minutes.  You can grind your grains to different consistencies, depending on what you’re making.”


            “Judy said it’s a good idea to use up the flour soon, since it doesn’t keep like the bleached white flour we buy at the grocery store.”


            “That’s right,” Sally said.  “She probably made a fresh batch when she baked this scrumptious bread.”  Sally quickly buttered another slice of bread and began nibbling it eagerly. 


            “This has me interested in getting a Country Living grain mill like Judy’s,” said Diane.  “I’m sure Duane would approve, since it’s something useful for preparedness and survival.”


            Sally took another sip of tea to wash down the bread.  “Better stock up on some wheat and corn while you’re at it.  By the way, where did your mother’s friend get her grain mill?”.


            “Believe it or not, she said she got it from Nitro-Pak,” said Diane.  “Their logo is on John’s blog page, isn’t it?”


            “I believe it is,” Sally said.  “I’m sure you could get your Country Living grain mill easily enough.  Any time Sam or I have ordered something through the blog, it’s been simple.  I think you just click on Nitro-Pak’s logo, then you can type the words Grain Mill in the search box.  I’m sure a page will come up showing their grain mills, including the one you want from Country Living….Mmm, this is so good!”


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.