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In response to Food, Gold or Lead for Survival, one reader contacted me directly. I’ll allow him to make his point in his own words, with only slight editing.


Like the idea of investing in lead. My preference would be twenty two rimfires because of cheapness and extremely wide use.

Salesman at [a local] Bass Pro got rid of his large caliber handgun because he was paying [a high price] per shot. There are many more guns out there that fire twenty twos, both rifles, revolvers, and autos. There are some people who might have trouble with the large calibers, but anyone can fire the twenty two.

But I go for the sheer numbers most of all. I would like to have thousands or tens of thousands of rounds, and you would need to be rich to buy that many big ones…

Also go to a shooting range and see which empties are lying there, might be some surprises in what the locals are using.

A final argument for twenty twos is that you can buy basically silent ammo, try that in a larger round. You may not want to make a huge noise or risk killing someone with every shot. The silent stuff could be a deterrant and has enough power for some small game….

Name withheld


It’s a good idea to have plenty of ammunition on hand for whatever firearms you already own and are most familiar with, in addition to whatever you might want to stock up on. If you don’t own a gun, having rounds of popular ammunition for barter could prove to be quite useful one day.

If you type .22 ammunition on Bass Pro’s home page search box, you’ll see what they have to choose from. Click on the banner below to get started.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.